The Misinterpretation of Jane
by Claarijke

Authors notes: A 500 word challenge... I know I
volunteered myself, and that was not one of my more
brilliant ideas. I'm out of inspiration!!! Who would
have thought, after about 2 years of not writing
anything at all, I should be able to come up with
something.. I even went through my writing rituals'
of listening to various kinds of shanties and pirate
songs...and finally, I came with the idea of writing
a little sequel to my fic 'Me Horatio, you Jane' (posted august 4 2002). It is not what I
hoped it would be, it does not include a description
of a very goodlooking Horatio and/or Archie but of
course if anyone will comment on this, please!

Feedback: yes! after not writing anything for so long
it would be nice to know that I still (haven't) got


After having met Jane on the island Horatio had spent
so many time, he came back with her to England, where
they married in a quit little church in London. They
then moved to Brighton and have lived there for a
while as this story takes place.

"Horatio dear, how was your visit to commodore Pellew?
How is his wife? I she still enjoying her Holiday in
Yorkshire? Did he have any news from her?"

"Darling Jane, please let me sit down first! You jump
at me with all those questions allow your husband to
take off his coat when he comes home Yes, the
commodore's wife is enjoying her stay with her sister
in Yorkshire very much. Unfortunately for her it has
been raining since she arrived. Did you know she will
be home within a fortnight?"

Oh no, so soon? But my dear, how was Pellew? Did he
and you have a nice chat? What was it he wanted you to
come over for?

"My love, men do not chit chat. Commodore Pellew and I
have had a long and serious conversation. Not to say
is was a very important one and I am not allowed to
tell you anything about it."

"Dearest... can I please hear what it was about? You
ALWAYS tell me everything..." as she spoke she pulled
a very sad and disappointed face. It was the face
Horatio knew he shouldn't be looking at, because he
couldn't resist. It was how she managed to get
everything done from him. "Please dearest, tell me"

A bit agitated, because he knew he should fight
against giving in to his wife he said: "We talked
about... well ehm...I really can not tell you".

"Aw, but you know you feel better when you tell me. So
just tell me."

"No I really shouldn't"

"I will never kiss you again if you will not tell me
what commodore Pellew and you discussed this instant!"

"But dearest, that is not fair!"

"Ï know it is not, that is why I use it against you.
But if you'd rather not tell me."

"Eh. We talked about No! I mustn't give in! You
ALWAYS win. You try to cheat me every time with
something, darling, can't I keep one of those secrets
Pellew and I discuss to myself?"

"Do I really give you so much trouble? I didn't know
You know what? Just this time I make you keep your
secret. I'll ask Pellews wife when she comes home. I
will find out what you two are up to, and Pellew has
never been able to keep a secret from his wife."

"He tells her everything?" Horatio asked in disbelief.
How could women look so nice and be so devilish at the
same time, he wondered. When he met Jane he thought
she was the sweetest girl he'd ever seen. She still
was, but sometimes...

"Yes of course dear, well not always on purpose, but
we women have our ways...".

The end.

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