Me Horatio, You Jane
by Claarijke

Authors notes: this is not a serious fic. It starts at
sea. Don't blame me for mixing the times of when these
events took place according to the books, or that they
do not at all correspond to the events described in
the books... I do apologise to those who think I made an
ass of Horatio. Any recemblances to george of the
jungle' are to be blamed on the children I had to
babysit. Enough of this, here is the story:
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Jane walked on the deck and took a deep breath. Ah,
the fresh sea air! She had taken a break from her
study books about Gorillas, but soon she would take
them up again, there was so much more to learn.
"Pete," she asked one of the crewmen "are there really
Gorillas where we are going?"

"Oh, yes, miss, in all colours! Black and brown and
even white! I've seen m with mine own eyes I have."

"White?" she asked. "You are making a joke."

"No, seriously miss-"

"Ah, Jane, there you are." Mr. Smith, Janes father
showed himself on deck. "We are almost there, do you
see that mountain rising from the sea? And all those
green trees, and that strip of sand, there. Do you see
it? it is where we are going. All those weeks at sea
and we are finally there!" Janes father was the leader
of the expedition, and of course very anxious to see
the animals with his own eyes. "Jane, have I ever told
you the story of the white ape that lives there? Or so
they say at least..."

Evening had fallen, and a new morning come, before the
small boat with the carriers, the guide and Mr Smith
and his daughter were on their way to the beach. Once
there, the guide led them through the forest, to an
open spot, where the camp was to be built.

"Oh, daddy, it is beautiful! Do you think we can go
and see them? The apes, the Gorillas? Please daddy? Do
you think we will see that white one you told me about
yesterday?" Jane said and clapped her hands of

"We will, my pumpkin, we will." Her father said, and
gave the guide a signal for them to lead the way.

Yesterday he had seen them coming in a big something
that could float on water. He knew he had seen
something like that before, but when? And where? This
morning a smaller something had separated itself from
the larger one, and in it were they'. Through the
leaves of the trees he had a good view of the
clearing, and the small party that set off to discover
the woods. Somehow the thought of being with them was
much more natural than to be with his big fuzzy haired
friends. He knew that once his life had been like
that, but when? And how? And... why wasn't it like that

"Daddy, do you sense something strange?" Jane asked.
"Like we are being watched by someone?" She looked up,
but could see nothing but leaves and tree branches,
and more leaves.

"Yes dear, and for some time too. Let's halt here."
Her father ordered. He too then looked up. But his
observation did not differ from Jane's. "Bloody trees
block the sight! Come out come out wherever you are...
whoever you are." It stayed silent, exept for the call
of some of the animals, and the twitterring of birds
that flew up when they walked on. Then suddenly there
was a loud roar. A lion came from behind a tree and
slowly walked towards Jane.

He had had to climb up a few branches to get out of
their sight when the girl and the old man had looked
up. Carefully he had followed them, and witnessed
Singa moving towards the girl. She was very afraid, he
could see that. Didn't they know Singa was harmless,
and only wanted to play? The lion had not a single
tooth left in it's mouth, and had a very friendly
nature once you'd get to know him... but he had to
interfere since the girl was about to faint. His hand
reached for a vine, he swung, softly kicked Singa
with his feet so he would leave, and stood still in
front of them all. "mylady and gentlemen," he said to
the party "Horatio Hornblower, pleased to meet you."

"Oh! Daddy. He speaks! Can I have him? I ALWAYS have
wanted a white ape that could speak! Please daddy?"
Jane rushed towards her handsome rescuer. "Thank you
EVER so much for saving my life" and she embraced him.

"How long have you been here, Mr. Hornblower?" Jane's
father asked. "You wear some kind of uniform, a bit
torn to pieces, probably because of all that swinging
throught the trees. Are you a navy lieutenant? You
look young, still in your twenties, and you show no
sign of a beard. You cannot have been here very long."

"I use a sharp stone to shave myself, sir." Horatio
said. "But what I did before I came here... you say I
was in the navy? I can not remember. I can not
remember at all coming here actually."

"Whether you remember things or not, I think you are a
darling. And so cute! And so brave!" Jane said,
grabbed his hand, and looked at his face. Nice dark
brown eyes he had, very nice indeed...

"Mr. Hornblower, Jane and I need to get back to the
camp. It's getting dark, and...and, oh! Jane, let go of
Mr. Hornblowers hand! Act like a lady, like your
mother would have, not in this manner. you are not a
stupid girl who is in love with her rescuer, you
really should stop reading those nonsensical stories
in which the hreo marries the girl and they live
happily ever after, do y'hear?!"

"Yes daddy, goodnight Mr. Hornblower."

"Good night Jane, good night Mr. Jane's father!"

"It's Mr. Smith if you please. Mr. Hornblower, could
you perhaps tell us where we can find gorillas

"Of course, sir. Will Jane come too?"

"We'll see" was the reply. "Jane, we really must go
now. I don't think the evening air does you much good,
and certainly not in this company. I should never have
allowed you to come with me on this expedition."

Horatio watched them leave. He sighed. That Jane was...
special. But also guarded by her father. It would not
be easy. He turned around, and decided he would try to
make something from what was left of his uniform. And
to pick lots af flowers for Jane. Perhaps he could
come with then when they would return to wherever they
were from. They all spoke the same language, but
where... how did he know to speak like them? "Stop
dreaming Horatio" he said to himself "her father would
never let that happen." But he knew he more than liked
her, he really liked to see her again. Tomorrow.

"Daddy, can I keep him?"Jane asked her father when
they were back at the camp. "Can we take him with us
back to England?"

"Jane, Mr. Hornblower is NOT a toy!"

"I know that , daddy, but I really want him to live
with us. Or I with him. What do you say?"

"Jane," her father began, "you know you are my little
girl, and daddy will do anything to ake you happy. But
what if Mr. Hornblower does not want to leave?" Mr.
Smith rather hoped he wouldn't. "Perhaps I can ask him
tomorrow. No, no dear, I think it is better you would
not come with us. I'm sorry, but you can't see the
gorillas. Too bad. Mr. Hornblower will show me their
hiding place and after I return we will go home."

The next morning Jane woke up and stepped out of her
tent. Right in front of it sat Horatio, in his cleaned
uniform, his hand full with lovely flowers, in all
colours. "Goodmorning! These are for you!"

"Oh! Thank you..."

"That's funny, your face is getting all red..."

"Is it?" Jane dropped the flowers, and tried to hide
her face with her hands.

"Here, let me help you with that." Horatio carefully
picked up the flowers, and continued speaking with
her. "I remember who I am, isn't that strange? I am
Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower. I need to get back to
tell them I am still alive." He gave her the flowers
to hold again. "Can't your father take me on his ship?
We would be going the same direction..."

"Who is them?" Jane asked.

"Why, the people I severd with of course, and my
family, and my friends. Not that I have many... Jane
would you like to be my friend?"

"Oh, yes, of course." She answered.

"Great! Now I have two friends. Come, let me show you
the gorillas."

"No, Jane is not coming with. She will stay here,
while WE, Mr. Hornblower and I, are going to see the
gorillas." Mr. Smith said. He had woken up, and joined
in their conversation.

"You say Jane will not come with us? No Jane, no
gorillas. You choose." Horatio said.

"Oh- allright. Jane, I will allow you to come with.
But you are to walk behind us, and not ask silly

The three of them set off, and of course Mr. Smith was
the one to walk behind alone. Horatio and Jane walked
hand in hand, Horatio leading the way. Horatio had
told Jane she could ask all the silly questions she
could think of, and for the moment they were very
happy together. Suddenly Horatio stopped. "Here we
are." he simply said. The sight was magnificent from
the tall tree they sat in. At least twenty of
Horatio's big hairy friends sat around a camp fire
roasting marshmallows, or eating bananas.

"Oh, daddy, do you see them?" Jane asked. "Aren't they
beautiful? So wild and untouched..."

"Move over child, and let me see." Mr. Smith pushed
Jane aside.

"AAAARGH" Jane shouted, as she fell out of the tree.
"Horatio, dearest, help me!"

And again he swung to her rescue. "I have you, hold on

"Oh, Horatio! When we are married, will you rescue me
every so often, for the fun of it? I think I will need
it, I will need you too. Not only to help me tell

"Married? You will marry me Jane?" Horatio asked her.
"You have made me very happy."

"You have made me very happy. Now swing back to daddy,
so we can tell him. And now, If you'll excuse me I am
goint to faint of all the exitement."


The end.

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