The First Annual Tug of War
by Lori

::Holds Microphone:: "Hello! And Welcome to the first annual tug of war over
a midshipman. Wordy? Yes. Anyone care?" ::listens:: "NO!"
"Here we are, standing in the World Rugby Stadium." (Note: Not a real
stadium! Just a figment of my twisted imagination for fellow IG and JB fans
and I. :) "At the moment, the contestants are getting ready in their locker
rooms on opposite sides of the field. But, before the Tug of War games begin,
we also have the first annual Chicken Catching Race."
"Here, chicken, chicken, chicken!"
"Oh! And what's this?" ::whips trusty eyeglass to eye:: "Styles is in the
::Chicken runs out of stadium exit:: "Oh, bloody hell!" Styles complains.
"Oh, Bad luck. Ah, but it's just about time for the Tug of War games to
begin!" ::searches field with eye glass:: "Oh! And here is Captain Pellew! In
rugby shorts no less! There he goes! Off to give motivation to the teams."

In Locker room of Team Kennedy... Capt. Pellew, voice booming,
face a nice shade of pink. The team giving a cheer after his each statement.
"You have in mind to fight."
"That is well for you shall have your fill!"
"For there is no power on earth, that can withstand the might of the
British Navy!"
"God save the King!"

Over in the corner stands Archie Kennedy; captain of the team. Standing
there in a white t-shirt and blue rugby shorts. "Blasted hair ribbon.
Natalie! Mind giving me a hand with this?" He asks. Natalie grins evilly, a
twinkle in her eye. (You're welcome M'Man Natalie! :)

Back out on the field... "Ah! And here is Captain Pellew once again!
Racing across the field to give motivation to Team Hornblower." I announce.
"Pellew, Pellew, he's our man, he can't do it no one can!" Three
cheerleaders cheer.
Pellew bursts through the locker room door, breathing heavily. After he
catches his breath, he recites the same speech that he gave to team Kennedy.

Out on the field 15 minutes later...
"The teams are emerging from their locker rooms! Oh, and how motivated
they all look! Thank you Sir Edward! We owe you one!" I shout to him.

3...2...1... LET THE WAR BEGIN!!!!!

The End

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