Travels through Time, part fifteen
by Jamie

Amy Bradley got to England in March of 2000. She and the Horatioans (as they called themselves) had dinner on the ship, Grand Turk. The ship that served as the Indefatigable in the Horatio Hornblower series. The girls called the event, Dinner on the Indy.
Lydia, the woman in charge of the event, had invited members from the cast and crew to come to the dinner. When they got to England, Lydia gave them the news that the actor, who played the hero of the story, Ioan Gruffudd, would indeed come to the dinner.
Amy dressed up in the black dress that her mother had given her for Christmas. She thought she looked quite elegant with her string of creamy white pearls to set off the black dress. Some of the girls dressed up in costumes as Naval men, some as women of nobility and some as wrenches. While other girls
wore dresses that were either lavish or in the simple elegance style.
Amy was pleasingly surprised when not only Ioan was there in attendance, but also Sam West, Sean Gilder, and Jamie Bamber. Robert Lindsay had wanted
to come to meet about the crazy American women, but was on a movie shoot in Australia. He gave his regards and well wishes to everyone.
The caterer had laid out the desserts on a table against the wall in the Captain's stateroom. The crew of the Grand Turk had done a lot for the Americans and Amy was quite impressed.
As Amy looked over the dessert table, a person came up behind her and whispered in her ear, "How are you doing, Miss Amy?"
Amy jumped back and stepped on the person's foot. She quickly turned around and saw Jamie Bamber standing over her.
"Jamie, how do you know my name? No one has called me Miss Amy in. . ." Amy said when Jamie interrupted and replied, "200 years?"
Amy looked at him questioningly. What was he saying to her? Did he know? Jamie grabbed a book he had on the edge of the table and said to her, "Come with me, I have something I want to show you."
Amy thought. He thinks I am the girl in the picture. I am, but that is beside the point. He would never believe that.
They went to the midshipmen's berth and Jamie had her sit down at the table. He sat down next to her.
"Amy, when I got the role of Archie Kennedy. I did some research. I researched what it is like to have epilepsy, I researched the life of a Naval man in the 18th Century and I looked for any information I could learn about the real characters of Horatio Hornblower. I discovered that Edward Pellew was a real man and found information about him. I unearthed this book. In this book, I saw a picture that mystified me. Amy, are you Miss Amy Bradley? The Amy in this picture? It does look like she could be a twin," Jamie asked her.
"How can that be me? That was taken 200 years ago in the Spring at the Pellew house," Amy told him.
"How do you know it was painted in the Spring? The book does not say anything about when the picture was painted. Though, the room does look like one of the ones I saw in Exmouth. I went there, to Pellew's estate. The 10th Lord Exmouth, Paul, told me one of the stories that he was told as a boy. It was a story about time travel. Megan, one of the maids during the time that Amy Bradley was there, wrote about Miss Amy in her diary. Megan wrote in her diary that Amy was a friend of hers. That Amy told Megan that she somehow traveled through time and was not sure if she would make it back to her own time. I think she made it, but I am not quite sure. I have to hear from the source herself. Megan also writes that she married Archie Kennedy in 1803. Together they had four children. Archie and Megan named their first born girl, Amy. Are you that Amy? I just want to make sure. You made it home, after all, didn't you? Don't worry, I won't think you are crazy or a ranting lunatic, if you say you are Miss Amy."
"Ranting lunatic? Archie called me that before. . ."
"Before you threw this at him?" Jamie handed her a silver locket with a broken chain.
"My locket! How did you get that?" Amy asked.
"So, you are Miss Amy. These letters belong to you, too. They are from the real Archie Kennedy. He was quite smitten with you. I know how he feels."
Amy blushed at Jamie, while she took the locket and the letters from him. The letters had aged since she last saw them, but were still in the ribbon she had tied around them all those years ago.
"Amy, I was wondering if I could show you MY England. Maybe, we could continue, where Amy and Archie left off. What do you say? Is it a date?"
"You really want to go out with me?" Amy asked.
"Yes, I will get that walk with the lovely lady," Jamie said to her.
"I would love to go and see England with you. Maybe we can explore more than just tourist attractions," Amy said with a sly smile.
Jamie gave a chuckle and cunningly replied, "If that is your wish, so be it."
"You are a dream come true, you know that?" Amy said to Jamie.
"My dear, the dream has only begun," Jamie told her.

The End
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