Travels through Time, part thirteen
by Jamie

Amy had not heard back from Archie until the day of the party. He sent her a note, along with a small bouquet of white roses. The note read this:
Dearest Amy --
I got these roses to go with your dress. I hope you like them. I can't wait to see you tonight and hope you save all your dances for me.
As for your other request about asking Lt. Bracegirdle to ask out your cook, I am afraid that I could not render your command. I talked to him about his life, in hopes of maybe putting in your suggestion, while we were talking. It seems he truly loved his wife and is still in mourning for her.
You can understand why I couldn't fulfill your need, don't you, my love? A man's heart is not to be trifled with. I shall endeavor to do almost anything else you desire.
I shall pick you up around 6:30 p.m. tonight. I am sure you will be ready for me. I have rented a carriage just for the two of us. See you soon, my love.
Your Own,
Amy showed the flowers and the letter to both Megan and Marianne, who were helping her get ready for the party.
Megan looked at the roses and exclaimed, "Roses! Oh, how romantic. I wish someone would give me flowers. I hear that white roses means virtue, purity and also give an air of mystery."
"It is too bad about my sister, I am sure that Archie meant well. Perhaps they can still be friends, and when Jonathan Bracegirdle comes out of mourning, who knows? Maybe then, there may be a chance for Eleanor and him," Marianne said hopefully.
"We should get you dressed for the ball, Miss Amy. Let me get your dress," Megan said as she walked over to the armoire.
"I will do your hair," Marianne told Amy.
"Girls, you make me feel like I am the mistress of this house. I am one of you. I am just a servant," Amy said.
"Not much longer. I heard Davey say that your Mr. Kennedy went out to look for a ring for you. He wants to marry you. Soon, you will be a member of nobility," Marianne said.
"Archie is a third son. He has no title. Just because his father is an Earl, doesn't make him anything. His brother, Joseph, gets everything. Archie only has a stipend from his father and his Naval pay. I don't think that makes him nobility," Amy informed her friends.
"It is damn nearer to nobility than I will ever get. Plus, since he is a son of nobility, you will at least get invited to some fancy soirees. I know I will never get invited to them," Megan told Amy, as she helped her on with the dress.
Amy felt the dress under her fingers. It was fine silk. It wasn't cotton, polyester or satin, but silk. Amy's mouth went into a little 'O' as she said in awe and amazement, "This feels so lovely and soft."
Amy went over to the mirror to see how she looked in it and Marianne remarked, "You look just like a princess."
"I feel like a princess in this dress. Are you sure I should be doing all of this? I mean, is it right? Is it proper?" Amy asked.
"That Trudy should have never let you think you are too bold and not good enough. Your Archie loves you and you love him. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing wrong with accepting his invite to a ball," Marianne told Amy.
"Just think, if you didn't accept the dress, what would you wear to the ball? You would have had to get a ball gown, anyway. Here are your shoes, Amy. You look beautiful," Megan commented.
"We should get you some flowers from the garden for your hair. I am sure that when we are finished with you, your Archie will fall in love with you all over again," Marianne said as she went to get some flowers.
Amy turned to look at Megan and said, "This all seems like a big dream. I feel that I am going to wake up and I will be in my own bed at home. You, Marianne and everyone have been so nice to me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of this. I don't know how I can repay all the kindness you have shown me."
Megan smiled and replied, "It is you, which have been kind and considerate to all of us. I find it an honor to call you my friend."
"Thank you, Megan," Amy said as she turned towards the mirror to see herself again.
Amy looked into the mirror and thought, should she tell Megan about her past, or rather her future, which had become her past? Should she tell Megan where she really came from? Would Megan believe her?
"Megan, do you believe in things you do not see and that you may not quite understand?" Amy asked.
"I believe that there are things we can not explain, but that does not mean that they didn't exist or that they have never happened. I believe that in spiritual things and some mystical things. I can't talk about them, because it gets me in trouble. Most people don't believe in things that are out of the ordinary. Why do you ask?" Megan inquired.
"Do you believe in time travel?" Amy asked.
"It is possible. Anything is possible," Megan said.
"Would you believe me if I said I was from the future?" Amy wondered.
"It would explain a lot about your strange behavior. I swear that you act like you are seeing things for the first time. You use strange phrases and sing songs I have never heard of before. Are you from the future? Where? When? How did you get here? Why are you here?" Megan asked with genuine interest.
"You would believe me, if I told you? You would believe me, if I told you I was with my friends at a New Year's Eve party one moment and in the middle of Plymouth town the next? Would you believe me, if I told you that I didn't know why I am here, how I actually got here or when, if ever, I am going back to my own time? The 20th Century had just become the 21st Century when I came here. I am from Pennsylvania in the United States of America. I am sure you think I am crazy. I know I should not be telling you this," Amy said.
"I think it is exciting. What is it like in the future? Tell me what is going to happen. This can be our secret, Amy. I promise not to tell anyone, if you don't want me, too. I don't think you are crazy. I think you are brave. I don't know what I would do, if I woke up and found myself in a strange place and time," Megan remarked to Amy.
"You make me feel better. I know that Britain will win the war and that Napoleon will be exiled. He won't die in battle, that much is true. In 1812, the British will fight the Americans in a war they will call the War of 1812. It will last for two years. Queen Victoria will become a great queen and they will name an age about her. They will call it the Victorian Age. That part, won't happen for a while. She will be born in 1819. She will become Queen in 1837," Amy told Megan.
"What about your time. What happens in your time, Amy?" Megan asked.
"There are TVs, cars, the Internet and way too much to tell you. In the 19th and 20th Century. There are a ton of inventions. The car will be like a horse-less carriage and will enable us to get from place to place quicker than a carriage would. The TV is a box, in which you watch and listen to moving pictures. You can find out what the news is in your neighborhood and across the world. A TV station called PBS, Public Broadcasting System, showed New Year's Eve across the world. I saw the clock strike 12 o'clock in London. They had a remarkable fireworks display. One of the biggest I have ever seen. It was amazing. They showed Queen Elizabeth on TV and it looked like she didn't enjoy the new rendition of "God Save the Queen". I didn't think it was that bad. You haven't heard some of the renditions of "The Star Spangled Banner." I saw this mini-series on A&E, that is a cable TV station. The mini-series was so interesting and good to watch, a whole bunch of people, myself included, talk about it and the actors in it via the Internet. I met so many interesting people and I was going to come and visit England because of it. I expected to see England in the 21st Century, not England in the 19th Century. I could go on and on. That is only a tiny bit of what is happening in my world. I am afraid that Marianne will come back. I want this to be just you and me knowing this. I will tell Archie. I think he should know about his girlfriend. I don't want any secrets between us," Amy informed Megan.
"I believe in that, too. Thank you for telling me. You mentioned Queen Elizabeth. Is she the Monarch in your time?" Megan inquired.
"She is your Queen -- England's Queen. The United States has a President. So, does France. They will no longer have a king or queen," Amy said.
"That is why all this fuss this fuss with France, isn't it? I thought it was because Napoleon wants to take over the world," Megan expressed.
"He does. He also will want to rule France as their Emperor. That won't last for long, I can tell you. I hear Marianne coming up the stairs," Amy whispered.
Marianne had a basket of little white flowers in her hand. She said, "We can weave these in your hair. I can put it into an upsweep style and it will look stunning. Sit with your face to the mirror and I will do your hair."
Amy sat while Marianne styled her hair and put little tendrils of curls around her face. Marianne tried not to burn Amy with the primitive curling iron. Well, Amy thought it primitive. She was used to the ones you plug into the wall. Marianne wove the flowers into Amy's hair and then stood back to admire her handiwork.
"What do you think?" Marianne asked Amy, when she was finished.
"Very nice, I like it. Just like on TV, ah -- I mean, it looks like pictures I have seen. You have done a marvelous job, thank you, Marianne. I should thank you, too, Megan for helping me," Amy told the girls.
"Here is your shawl. We should be getting downstairs and be waiting for that man of yours," Megan said as she gave Amy her shawl.
The three ladies went downstairs to the parlor. Lady Pellew looked at Amy and remarked, "My, my, don't you look lovely tonight."
Amy looked at Lady Pellew, who was wearing a Sapphire necklace and earrings set. Her dress was of the same color and was quite glamorous. Still Amy favored her silver locket to Lady Pellew's jewels. Maybe it was because Archie had given her the locket.
Amy smiled at Lady Pellew and said, "As do you, milady. Megan and Marianne helped me to dress. Some of the thanks should go to them."
Lady Pellew smiled and gestured for Amy to sit down in the parlor. Megan said to Amy, "We should be getting back to our work. I hope you have a wonderful time tonight, Amy. I hope you get what you wish for with your man."
Marianne went up to her and said, "I expect you to give me a full report when you get back after the ball is over. I want to hear everything from what people wore, to what they said and did. Have fun at the ball and say, 'hello' to
your Mr. Kennedy for me."
Amy gave each girl a hug as the clock struck six. Amy said her good byes and sat down in the parlor. She wished she had time to walk around the house. Amy had a strange sensation go through her body. She wondered what the feeling meant. Her sixth sense was going on overload. Things would change after tonight. What change would happen after tonight? The girls said that Archie was going to ask her to marry him. Obviously, that had to be the change. That, along with everything else, could make her a bit excited and nervous. Amy felt like she was going on a first date. She wanted to see if he was as graceful a dancer as she thought he was.
The clock struck the half-hour and then came a knock at the door. It was Archie. He was right on time. The butler brought Archie into the parlor, where Amy was waiting.
"Good Evening, Mr. Kennedy, I am pleased to see you are quite punctual," Amy said as she saw him.
"And you are quite breath takingly lovely tonight, my dear. I have a message to give to the Lady and then we can be on our way," Archie said.
Lady Pellew came into the parlor to greet Archie and Amy. "How are you doing this evening? Doesn't your Amy look like a picture?"
"Yes, she does. I have a message for you from the Captain. He informs me to tell you that he is sorry, but he is running late. He told me that he will be here shortly to take you to the ball," He said.
"Thank you, Mr. Kennedy," Lady Pellew told him.
Frederick and Emma ran down the stairs. Frederick breathlessly called out, "Mummy! Miss Amy! We had to see you before you left."
"You know you should be in bed, both of you, should be getting ready for bed," Amy told the children.
Paul and Julia followed them slowly down the steps. Paul said, "They wanted to see you in your dresses. I don't think those dresses are anything unusual."
"I think you both look very pretty. I like you in your new dress, Miss Amy," Emma said.
"I like it, too, Emma," Archie said with a broad smile.
"We should go. Be good for Marianne. All of you should help her out," Amy said as she hugged and kissed each child.
"We will do our best, Miss Amy. I will take care of everything," Julia said.
"I am sure, you will. Good night everyone. See you at the party, milady," Amy said as she waved good bye.
"Good night everyone," Archie said as he gave a salute.
Archie helped Amy into the carriage and they were off to the ball.

To Be Continued . . .

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