Never Tear Us Apart
by Jackie Pena

Part Five

Chapter 14

Archie woke several times during the night to make sure Morgan was still sleeping comfortable in his protective arms. The pain from the wound he received in battle made him shift in an effort to find a more comfortable position, causing him to accidentally make Morgan.

"Are you alright my love?" She asked.

"I am sorry for waking you. I have some discomfort from my injury.' He said while putting his hand on the scarred area. "It's nothing, though, really. I'm fine."

Morgan rose from the bed and lit the candle on the nightstand.

She sat on the bed. "Should I send for a Doctor?"

He cracked a smile. "No thank you I will be alright. It will go away on its own."

"Is there anything I can do?" She asked while lying back down beside him placing her hand over his careful not to jostle him or strain the wound.

"Yes there is one thing." He said. "Blow out the candle and let me make love to you again."

She obliged to his request.

The next morning, Morgan woke feeling as though she were the luckiest woman in the world. She smiled to herself as she turned to her betrothed's side of the bed, secretly hoping that they might make love yet again.

She turned over to Archie's side of the bed only to find a note.

Good morning my love, I will return shortly. Keep the bed warm for me.

Forever yours,


Rising and wrapping herself in a warm blanket against the early morning chill, she crossed to the window, hoping to see her beloved.

"Is he mad? It is still snowing quite a bit out there." She said to herself.

Hearing the slight creak as the bedroom door opened, she turned to see Archie walking towards her.

"Good morning my lovely Irish Princess!" Archie was cleaning snow from his coat and hat.

"Archie!", she joyfully said rushing into his loving arms. "what were you doing out there my love?"

He gave her a soft, but slow kiss on the lips. "Mmm, such warm and delicious lips you have." He said, kissing her once more.

"Enough of this, answer me! Mr. Kennedy, what were you doing out in inclement weather? You know that you're still injured."

"Well," he said, taking her hand and carefully leading her over to sit with him on the still unmade bed. "I just finished talking to Father Duncan." He said with a wide grin, blue sapphire eyes gleaming.

"A Priest? Whatever for?"

"About us."

Her eyes became wide with shock. She put her hand over her mouth. "About what we did last night?"

He chuckled. "No, to marry us silly! The ceremony will be in two days. Remember, we do have a license from the Archbishop of Canterbury, a gift from Charles and Rebecca that allows us to marry anytime and anywhere."

"Oh Archie!" She threw her arms around him, and then pulled away to look at him. "But darling, what about the plans we made back home? Guests have been invited, and Becca has gone through so much trouble to assist me with everything."

"We can still have that ceremony!"

"Marry twice?" She asked, giving Archie a look as if he were mad.

"Why not?" He ran his fingers through her soft silken hair and gently pushed her on the bed to get on top of her.

She giggled. "Sounds like an excellent plan my love."

A kiss of burning passion ensued.

To be continued..









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