Ode to a Taco by Senora Ortega
Transcribed by Michele

O! Fortune is my foe, you see --
The widow's lot is mine;
The Colonel's no more here with me,
Shot down before his time.

What fault of mine -- nay! It is not --
My husband's bullet found
A noble youth (and some say, hot),
A Crumpet of the Crown?

All right, perhaps I played a part --
The Marine did too, no doubt;
I'm really REALLY not a tart
No! I just wanted out!

Now, any one would do the same,
Although I must admit
I do feel now a little shame
For what I told the twit.

A lady am I, I do maintain
`Tho you may think me rude.
I wish that fellow Bush's aim
Was not so blasted good!

And what's up with that Buckland?
With that "V" upon his head?
While THIS guy ends up with command
My Colonel ends up dead!

So now unfairness of this life
I sit and I bemoan;
I'll have to start a taco stand
Or end up with no home.

And so to tacos I revere
For giving me this life:
Much thanks to tacos far and near
From poor Ortega's wife.

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