Mr. Midshipman Skywalker
by Ruth Christian

A long time ago in an era far, far away . . .

Napoleon Vader has declared himself Emperor of the French Imperial
Empire. Only the British Alliance is powerful enough to stop this
madman - the Galactic Napoleonic War begins.

Horatio Skywalker joins the Royal Navy Jedi aboard the ship
Justinian. He is soon reassigned to the Navyship Indefatigable to
serve under the legendary Jedi Master, Captain Obi-Wan Pellew.
Sensing that the force is strong in young Horatio, Sir Obi-Wan guides
his Jedi training.

Horatio is joined in his quest to destroy the Imperial Navy fleet by
fellow RN Jedi, Archie Solo and William "Chewbacca" Bush. Solo's
capacity for getting into trouble is exceeded only by his charm and
loyalty to his friends. "Chewie" Bush has an unwavering dedication
to Horatio and a dogged determination to completely annihilate French
and Spanish Sailtroopers.

Our heroes endure many trials and tribulations such as an encounter
with the evil and cruel Bobba Fett Simpson, and capture,
imprisonment, and torture by the loathsome Dego the Hutt.

Will our heroes evade the clutches of the Empire? Will they run the
blockade of Imperial Navyships to destroy the Trafalgar Death Star?
Will Horatio discover that Napoleon is his real father?

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