Ode To A Shipworm, by Captain James Saywer
Transcribed by Michele :-)

We sail 'cross the seas
Till we reach the far shores
British sailors are we
Running down our rum stores.

Samana Bay
Is our destin`ed port,
Though some say, of a deck
I'm a couple cards short.

Warm waters of Indies
Now to us do call
I hope we can reach them
Before -- well, the fall...

Putrid fevers and hurricanes
Await, I'll affirm:
But the most awesome of all
Is the lowly Shipworm.

O Shipworm, I beg thee
Please leave us alone:
Don't make our Renown
Your Caribbean home.

Dear Shipworm, whose kindness
Is known far and wide,
Don't let the men find you
When in mut'ny they hide.

If I lose my dear ship
Would that it could so be
That I lose it to Spaniards
And yet not to thee.

O Shipworm, dear Shipworm
I much thee entreat:
Don't munch to oblivi'n
The pride of the fleet.

If only my ship
You would spare unto me
I promise great lines
I'll compose unto thee.

The End

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