Some Poems in Remembrance of Archie
by Bobbi


He stands alone
Upon the rocks;
Unseeing eyes staring
Beyond the crystal sea -

Solitary figure
Oblivious to the salt spray
Lashing exposed cheeks;

The sound of waves
Crashing to the shore
Offers no solace -

Hands clench into fists
As impotent rage rises
Within -

Why - the question
That has no answer -

Grief assails him
And tears long denied
At last begin to fall -

(From the private journal of Commander Horatio Hornblower, HMS Retribution)

Sleep well -
Your watch is ended;
Time at last for you to rest -

No more may I depend
Upon your sunny smile;
Your quick wit now as silent
As this hollow place within my soul -

How well I can recall your quiet strength -
The infinite patience;
You are - and always shall be
More brother than friend -

Sleep well - then
Your watch is ended -

Solace Given
(subtitled "Archie's Song")

Don't look for me among the heavens -
I am not there;

Don't search for me upon the seas -
I am not there;

Seek me not beneath earth's soil -
I am not there;

Rather -
Feel the quiet warmth beside you
From daybreak through night tide;

For there I am
And shall always be -

The Letter
(Found among the personal effects of Lieutenant Archie Kennedy after
his death and given to his friend - Commander Horatio Hornblower)

Dearest Friend;

Grieve not for me I beg you -
I would not have your heart be heavy;

I wish you only calm seas and safe voyages -
Together with remembrances of
Past times we have shared;

I pray you - accept the gift I offer -
It is all I have -
And little enough - I know;
But take it - please

There is no pain now;
Nothing to fear any longer -
And no regrets;

For I have been fortunate enough
To be counted your friend;
And I am richer beyond measure
For having known you -


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