Pass The Pen
Chapter Seventeen - Horatio Escapes!
by Jamie

"I'll do it. Turn back the clock. I need to go back. I need to return
to my place and my duty."

A toothy smile spread across the Doctor's face, he inserted the
crystal key into the pedestal.


'There's that bright light again.' Was Archie's last thought before
he started to make his way up the ladder, only to find Cutter was
standing at the edge of the hatchway looking down at him. With a
shake of his head, Archie turned his face upward. Cutter was trying
to talk some sense into him.

"*However*... that would be a foolish idea. . . The captain has a
plan of action, but you know as well as I do, any other action taken
before that he wouldn't allow. You will be asking to kill yourself,
Mr. Kennedy to take such a reckless action. No, I advise you'd better
keep your plans to yourself and I won't tell him what you just told
me. The captain would be, as I see, neither satisfied, temperate, or
amused," Cutter pointed out carefully.

Archie tossed his hair out of his eyes. Damn, he had heard these
words before, when? He considered his answer carefully.

* * * *

Archie had thought through his answer. He was given a second
chance and this time he would not fail. He could not fail. It was
up to him to make sure that not only he, but Horatio and the Captain
stayed alive.

It was a foolish idea to rescue Horatio by himself, but he
could not let Pellew do this suicide mission. If he let Pellew have a
group of men, there would be more bloodshed, not less. He and he
alone would be the only one to put his life at risk.

Archie would get it done and try to get it done quickly, by
the time Pellew would have all the boats assembled, he could be back
with Horatio with him. Horatio would do this for him, he had to do
it for Horatio. Archie prayed that he could change the damage that
was caused. But, he wondered that by taking the same path, was he
doomed to failure? Would he be caught again? Would he be killed
again? Archie could not think of that, he could only think of
Horatio. He had to save him.

That led him to where he was at that moment -- Just a few
steps to the door of the room where they were keeping Horatio
hostage. There was one thing that puzzled him above all else.
There were no guards. Where were they? If Horatio was being held
hostage, wouldn't there be any?

Archie heard voices inside the room. There were two men and
one of the voices belonged to Horatio. He was at the right place.
The other man sounded like he was threatening Horatio. The taunts
gave him an eerie feeling and a sense of déjà vu. His taunts were
just like those of Jack Simpson.

Archie pulled the dagger out of his boot and hoped that the
door was not a squeaky one. He quietly came behind Ouimette and put
the knife to his throat.

"Don't move, if you want to live." Archie threatened.

"Archie, how did you get here? Where are the others?"
Horatio asked.

"It is only me. We have to get out of here. Give me your
neckerchief." Archie requested.

Horatio gave Archie his neckerchief, which Archie used to tie
Ouimette's hands behind his back.

"You aren't going to get away with this!" Ouimette cried out.

"Try us." Archie hissed. When he was done tying his wrists,
he pushed Ouimette to Horatio.

Ouimette looked Horatio in the eye and said, "It could have
been good between the two of us. It still can. Let me go."

Archie took off his neckerchief and put it over Ouimette's
mouth. "This way they can't hear you scream. You can't give us
away." Archie told him.

"Let's get out of this place. Let's get back to the Indy."
Horatio said as he dragged Ouimette along with them.

* * * *

Monsieur Jacques Vincent de Jourquin was angry. He ranted
about what a fool that Pellew was. He would show him not to trifle
with the French. He would get Hornblower and torture him. If he did
that, the English would know he meant business.

De Jourquin went to Hornblower's room, but he wasn't there.
No one was there, where was he? Where was Ouimette for that matter?
Ouimette had to be behind this! He always had his own agenda. He
wanted Hornblower all for himself and his personal satisfaction. Now
both of them were gone.

"Guards!" de Jourquin shouted.

No guards came. He shouted again, yet still no answer. He
left in a huff. He would find Hornblower and Ouimette, then he would
deal with each of them separately.

* * * *

Archie and Horatio reached the beach and got in the jolly
boat. Horatio smiled brightly. "I can see the Indy from here. I
can't believe you did this, Archie. You saved me."

"We aren't free yet." Archie informed his friend.

Archie felt odd being on the other end of this situation. It
was usually Horatio rescuing him. It was the only thing he could do
for his friend. This was his way of repaying everything that Horatio
had done for him.

Ouimette kicked and struggled to get out of the boat. Archie
picked up the tiller and hit Ouimette over the head with it.

"Shall we be on our way, Archie?" Horatio asked with a
"I do believe so, Mr. Hornblower, let's go back to the
Indy." Archie said as they sailed off.

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