All I Ask of You-Horatio Style, or The Phantom's Menace (song)
by Lady Atropos with some help from Andrew Lloyd Webber

WARNING: Okay, for you Phantom Phans out there (I'm one myself) be
careful-this rendition is truly "twisted every way!" As Madam Giry would say,
"Monsieur, believe me, I intend no ill" ("But messieurs, be careful-we have
seen him kill" no, that doesn't belong in here, I hope ;-D) Also, for those
who have heard the song only outside of the context of the musical, it is
actually quite long because it carries to the end of the first act, and I
have done the same, so this version may be a little different schematically
than the one you may have heard.

This random outburst of song, to the tune of "All I Ask of You" from "The
Phantom of the Opera," takes place in the hold after Horatio discovers the
men of his division playing their rat game in The Duel.

HORATIO: No more talk of Simpson
Stop biting mouse's ears
I'm here, the captain can harm you,
These words are meant to warn you.

My hands do hold your freedom
I bring daylight, or your tears.
M'man's here,
with you, beside you,
to guard you and to guide you

MATTHEWS: Say you 'xcuse us
In this awkward moment
We lost our head
With talk of dinnertime

We will serve, see,
with you
pretty much always
Just, of this, don't give the Cap' a clue
That's all we ask of you

HORATIO: 'Indy' is our shelter
and I lead your fight
you're safe
No-one will find you
I said it and I mean it! [the syllables work, the rhyme doesn't-but I had
to stick it in somewhere!]

STYLES: All I want is freedom,
Gambling and a few good fights..
But you, always beside me
Withhold me and just hide me (Matthews gives Styles a classic "Shut up,
we nearly had him mum!" look.)

HORATIO: Pellew says you'll share
with me
one d'vision, one lifeline
Let me lead you, despite my solitude

You know you'll need me
with you
I'll be there beside you.
Anywhere 'Indy' goes, we go too
Styles, that all I can say to you

OLDROYD: I can't say
with ease
One stave, one good rhyme
so you say the word
and I'll just follow suit

DIVISION: Cooped together each day, each morning

HORATIO: Say you respect me

MATTHEWS: He doesn't know it's true

ALL: Fighting, that's all we ever do!

Anywhere you go, we're cooped up too!

HORATIO: Trust me, that's all I ask of you!

(Archie bursts in with the message that a battle has begun)

HORATIO: We must go, they'll wonder where we are follow me, men!

DIVISION: Horatio, you're tone-deaf!

HORATIO: Order your divisions,
Be with them at the shore

STYLES: Even then, I'll be beside you!

HORATIO: I'll guide you and I'll guard you

(in Pellew's cabin, post-battle, Simpson's voice is heard from far, far away)

SIMPSON: I gave you my d'vision,
Made your career take wing
And now, how they've repaid me
Denied me, and betrayed me.
He was to befriend you
E'er since the watch bell ring'


HORATIO AND ARCHIE: Say, you'll share
with me
one mess, one lifeline,
Sane, though 'Ratio can't carry a tune

ALL: Cooped together, each day, each morning

SIMPSON: You will curse the day you did not do
All that I, Simpson, asked of you!

(with an evil cackle from our distant Simpson, a chandelier rigged to the
ceiling of Pellew's cabin crashed to Archie's feet. Kennedy promptly faints. )


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