Mini-Fic: One-Liners
by Olivia

Hornblower: And that too, Dr Clive, is your medical

(Dr Clive takes a swing at Hornblower)

Enter Sergeant Whiting: Do we fire, Sir?

Enter Kennedy: FIRE! YOU MUST FIRE!

Enter Styles: He wants to do what?!

Enter Buckland: Is he dead?

Enter Hobbs: I heard there was some sort of argument going

Enter Bush: I thought I might find you here

Enter Matthews: You wanted to see me, Sir?

Enter Randall: In times like this, it's every man for himself

Enter Sawyer: So, so, a little cabal, muttering
together ...out! OUT!

Exit Dr Clive: If you'll excuse me

Exit Kennedy: Just take what I offer and say goodbye

Exit Buckland: We must leave this place with all speed

Exit Bush: Run! Run!

Exit Styles: Oh Randall, get out of my way

Exit Randall: If I stay here I'll get a knife in me back

Exit Matthews: I've been sent on a wild goose chase

Exit Hornblower: I think a retreat may be more prudent

Exit Sergeant Whiting: If you're sure, Sir

Exit Hobbs: It's all over boy! Run!

Exit Wellard: I'm not your whipping boy, now, Sir (switches
light off and shuts the door behind him)

Sawyer: (Muttering in misery in the dark) My men,
where are my true men?

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