'Twas the Night Before Christmas
'Retold' by Sara B.


Twas the Night Before Christmas
Twas the night before Christmas
And on the great ship
All midshipmen were sleeping
Even Mr. Pipps

All the stockings were hung
Over the hammocks with care
With hopes that by morning
They would not be bare

The hands were all sleeping
Their heads filled with thoughts
Of full rations, warm clothes,
And other things never bought

Captain Pellew in his kerchief
And Bowles in his cap
Had just settled down
For a Christmas Eve nap

When out on the sea
There was a big splash
Pellew ran to the window
And threw back the sash

The moon on the ocean
Gave a quite pleasant glow
But could not compare
To the upcoming show

Then what to the captain's
Eyes should appear
But a miniature sleigh
And eight tiny reindeer

"Oh my dear God,"
Sir Edward quipped.
"Bowles, call all the men
They've got to see this!"

More rapid than eagles
The naval men came
As Bowles whistled and shouted
And called them by name:

"Hey Hornblower, Kennedy,
Oldroyd and Clayton!"
"Come Finch, Styles, Oldroyd,
Matthews and Simpson!"

To the top of the steps,
Out onto the deck
"Do try to be quiet, now,
God damn you to heck!"

"Good God, Horatio
What an incredible sight!"
"Yes, Archie, this is
An extraordinary night."

"A Bible's all I want,"
Said Finch with a smile.
"I want rid of those two suck ups,"
Muttered Simpson with much guile.

With that comment Captain Pellew
Gave Nasty Jack "the look"
And Mathews came from behind
And smacked him with a book.

Amidst all the talk
St. Nick continued his work
He caught bits of the chatter
And gave the men a smirk.

All these noble men
Had been very courageous
And not to reward them
Would be just outrageous

So he bestowed the men
With everything they needed
Except, of course, for Simpson
Whose wishes went unheeded.

St. Nick soon finished up
And then he turned to go
But left all the good men
With a jolly, "Ho ho ho!"

He climbed into his sleigh
And began to drive off
"I didn't even get anything!"
Simpson complained with a scoff.

"Back to your quarters, now,"
Pellew said with a grin.
"Tomorrow morning's when
Opening presents will begin."

Back to their hammocks
All the men went
The excitement of the evening
Left their energy spent.

Though they still heard St. Nick exclaim
As he flew out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all!
And to all a good night!"

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