by Kelly G (Lady Catherine Dunbar)

Part Two

Archie had been reading for a little when he looked up to check on
the Doctor, noticing his eyes fluttering open. Archie closed his
book, laid it on the floor and leaned closer to the doctor, waiting
for him to wake up completely. The young man could not help but
hope, somewhat foolishly, that when he woke everything would be back
to normal. Actually, if he doesn't attack me, I'll be glad, Archie

After a few moments the man's eyes opened and he looked about the
room hazily. He turned his head slowly and focused on the
lieutenant's face.

Archie held his breath as Sebastian seemed to analyze him. Kennedy
did not want to have to endure another wrestling match with the weak

To his relief, Sebastian simply licked his lips and
whispered, "Water, please."

"Of course Doctor," Archie answered without thinking. He poured the
man a cup, and, placing his hand under Sebastian's head, helped him

Sebastian took a few cautious sips before pulling away slightly.
Archie gently laid his head back on the pillow and took away the

"Thank you," the doctor said politely.

"You're welcome. Is there anything else I can get you?"
Sebastian slowly shook his head, his brow furrowing as he apparently
tried to remember something.

"Is something wrong Doctor?" Archie asked, becoming anxious under
Sebastian's questioning gaze.

"I am sure I have seen you before young man."

Archie perked up at this, his eyes shining up with hope.

The doctor closed his eyes, a frown forming on his face. "Oh Lord."

"Doctor Sebastian?" Archie asked, concern in his voice. "Are you all

"I remember now." He opened his eyes and looked at Archie with
regret. "You are the young man I attacked when I couldn't find my
wife and son."

Archie felt as if he had been hit across the chest with a board. He
remembered him, but not Archie. Kennedy closed his eyes and sighed.
What are we going to do?

"Young man?"

Archie opened his eyes to see Sebastian watching him with
concern. "Yes?"

"Are you all right?"

Archie nodded vehemently. "Of course Sir."

"I am horribly sorry for what I did."

"Oh, no need to apologize Doctor. You are ill and were worried about
your family."

"That is still no excuse for my behavior. I hope I did not hurt you."
Archie just stared at the beaten man. Even in his weakened condition
and delusional state, Sebastian was still concerned about someone
else's well-being. Truly amazing.

Archie smiled weakly, shaking his head slowly. "I am fine Doctor.
More importantly, how are you feeling?"

The doctor closed his eyes and seemed to assess himself, moving
gingerly. The self- examination did not last long before Sebastian
groaned in pain.

Archie quickly leaned forward, placing his hand on Sebastian's
shoulder in an attempt to offer him some sort of comfort.

"Doctor?" he asked, his voice laced with concern.

Sebastian kept his eyes shut and griped Archie's hand until the pain
passed. He sighed deeply, relaxing his hold on Kennedy's hand.

"I'm fine," he said, though his voice was heavy with pain.

"Of course you are," Archie said, a bit of humor in his
voice. "Ca. . .your wife acquired your herbs. I'll fix you
something for the pain."

"Ah, a man with medical training," Sebastian said, more to himself.
Archie could tell that he was growing tired.

"Not exactly," Archie said as he began to the doctor a herbal
tea. "My ship's surgeon taught me," he said softly.

"A truly useful skill."

"I'm finding that out," he said to himself. "Here you are Sir," he
said as he turned back towards Sebastian.

Leaning down, he placed his hand under the doctor's head and helped
him drink. When he was finished, Archie placed the cup back on the
side table. When he turned back to the doctor, he saw that the man
was fighting off exhaustion.

"Thank you young man. Do you know where. . ."

"Your wife and son are?"

Sebastian smiled weakly. "Yes."

"They are safe."

Sebastian seemed to accept this as the truth and closed his eyes,
settling into a peaceful sleep. Archie watched him for several
moments before returning to his book, his heart heavier than it had
been in months.


Don Santiago stood on the ramparts of the prison, carefully watching the road that led to the fortress. He could not help but smile at the sight of a carriage and its escort coming down the road.

Leaving his post, Santiago left his post and quickly went down the stairs and motioned for the doors to be opened. The fine carriage, guarded by six soldiers on black horses, came to a halt several feet from the Don. The valet hopped down from besides the driver and opened the carriage door.
A man in his late fifties stepped carefully from the carriage, using his black walking stick to balance himself on the hard rocky soil. He was dressed much like Santiago; blue coat with red trim, white trousers, red sash, black boots. Though the man looked similar to Santiago, same dark eyes and facial features, there were a few differences. This man was slightly older, allowed his shoulder length hair to hang loose and possessed a graying moustache and goatee.

He gazed around the yard approvingly, smiling when his gaze fell on Santiago.

Santiago for his part returned the smile genuinely and walked up to his guest. The two men embraced warmly.

"It is good to see you Alfredo," Santiago said as he pulled away.

"Si, Diego," the older man agreed. "It has been what? Five years?"

Santiago sighed. "Somehow it seems longer dear cousin."

Alfredo squinted, causing him to look more grave than usual. "War does that."

Santiago nodded in agreement, but after a moment he smiled. "I am being a poor host. Come, my servants have prepared lunch."


"Oh, and I almost forgot," Santiago added as they began to walk into his residence. "Another guest will be joining us."


"Yes, a Scottish Senorita. She was with a group of British sailors my men captured the other day."

A small smile graced Alfredo's face at the unexpected visitor. "Lovely. How long will she be staying?"

Santiago cringed. "That is indeed complicated."

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