Muzillac, The Miracle Cure
by Olivia

Advertisement MUZILLAC© The Miracle Cure

At long last, the discovery of a new effective drug that will bring
relief to thousands of people suffering from Edrington's disease!

Each year, hundreds of people are diagnosed with the debilitating
illness known as "Edrington's disease". This disease is characterised
by delusions of grandeur and overwhelming sense of one's own self
importance. It's manic like symptoms include excessive horse riding,
smirking and insistence on being addressed as "My Lord" or other such
aristocratic title. These symptoms bring unnecessary pain and
suffering to those who are afflicted with the condition.


Over 80% of people who have Edrington's disease don't even know they
think they are the Earl of Edrington!


People with Edrington's disease often suffer from crippling dry wit
which leaves them socially incapable of carrying a normal


Victims who are struck down with Edrington's disease before the age
of 30 are 3 times more likely to develop the dreaded "Vive Le Roi"
virus a virus uttered by many before their beheaded doom.

The Good News about Edrington's Disease!

Up until now, there has been no known cure for Edrington's disease.
Victims were often forced to suffer in silence at home or at work,
often with catastrophic consequences.

Now, thanks to MUZILLAC©**, a new effective drug developed by General
Practitioner Charette, this horrible and debilitating illness can be
cured once and for all!

What's so special about MUZILLAC©?

MUZILLAC© is the only drug to contain the active ingredient Anti-
Aristocracy Agent (AAA), formerly known as Anti-Snobbery-Agent (ASA),
a naturally occurring substance found in the village of Muzillac,
France. This agent works to attack and breakdown the superiority-
complex forming enzymes in the brain that cause Edrington's disease.

How will I know if MUZILLAC© is right for me?

MUZILLAC© is the only cure recommended by 100% of doctors for the
effective treatment of Edrington's disease.

Correct dosage of MUZILLAC© administered over a four week period will
yield the following benefits:

·A 100% guaranteed recovery and symptom free life from Edrington's
·Reduced susceptibility to Vive Le Roi virus and other manic-like
·Restored sense of self worth and well being
·Enhanced sensitivity and social skills
·Enhanced ability to communicate in pompous free language


It really works!

Testimonial Colonel de Moncoutant's story

"I WAS A CLASSIC EXAMPLE OF SOMEONE who had advanced Edrington's
disease. When I was promoted to Mayor of the village my ego started
to spiral out of control. I believed myself to be an almighty and
powerful Lord who had the right to crush my own people at my will.

During the Revolution, Edrington's disease had turned me into a
merciless and monstrous man. I ordered my people to welcome me home
and I beheaded villagers who I thought were against me. My judgment
and reasoning had become severely impaired to the point where I
nearly killed a young boy who was singing a French Republican song.

When I started chanting "Vive Le Roi" I knew I was on the brink of
developing full blown Vive Le Roi virus. I sought help immediately
but nothing could abate these feelings I had of extreme superiority
and nobility.

Then I read an article by General Practitioner Charette on the
discovery of MUZILLAC© and its effects on restoring feelings of self
worth to its rightful place. I was skeptical at first but with each
tablet of MUZILLAC© I found my urge to dominate gradually subsiding.
Thanks to MUZILLAC© I no longer feel compelled to rule the world. I
have a greater sense of proportion of who I am and where I fit into

Moncoutant now runs a highly successful lavatory cleaning business.

Order today!

Order your first 10,000 tablets of MUZILLAC© within the next 7 days
and we'll send you another 10,000 units absolutely free! Order today
to enjoy a life free from Edrington's disease forever!

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Name: Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Admiral/Mayor/Major/Earl/Lord/Colonel/Other
aristocratic title __________________________________

Address: House/Mansion/Palace/Castle/Ship ___________________

Quantity: 10,000/20,000

Price: 11 pounds even plus 9 shillings postage and handling

Method of payment: Cash/Cheque/Credit Card/Invoice



Please allow up to six weeks for delivery of your order.



** Each tablet of MUZILLAC© contains: Anti-Aristocracy-Agent (AAA),
egalitarianism, modesty enhancing chemicals, anti-pompous-enzymes,
cheerfulness, sensitivity stimulants and thoughtfulness

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