Lieutenant McKay - Introductions
by Sarah

I thought I'd try to make up an original character
that would exist in the HH universe that might cross
paths with HH at some point. But when I'm not telling
you cos that would spoil the surprise. I thought I'd
start off with a comment about what he was wearing as
an allusion to HH and how he was always worried that
he didn't have any silk stockings or that his uniform
was tatty. 'There is always someone less fortunate
than yourself.' And I thought up the names by randomly
choosing a word from a page of the dictionary and
adapting them a bit. *LOL*

Chapter 1
As he sat in the back of the rowboat dressed in his
best uniform wearing his only pair of silk stockings,
for he could not afford a new pair on his current pay.
The boat edged slowly towards the ship he was to join
the 'Renown' he felt intensely small in comparison.
His body tingled with both excitement and trepidation.
He could hardly believe that he would be a lieutenant
on His Majesties Ship Renown; he was still coming to
terms with his promotion. It had been less than a year
since the previous officers of the Renown had faced a
court martial.
The rowboat came up beside the ship and Lieutenant
Ashley McKay R.N. (that had a kind of ring to it he
thought to himself) made his way up the side of the
ship. He had been fortunate that he had an Admiral for
a relative, which allowed for fairly quick promotion.
He climbed up the side and as he reached the point of
no return his nerves took hold and he froze it was all
he could do not to, just let go. A voice came over the
side "You alright sir? Do ye' need a hand?" McKay
looked up and saw that it was that had asked him. It
was one of the ordinary seamen who were staring down
at him. He called back in what he thought was the
boldest voice he could muster "No, I know what I'm
doing thank you," yet it came out rather strained as
if his voice had broke. A raucous laughter could be
heard coming from topside; this spurred him on to
carry on his ascent. He rebuked himself for his
foolish cowardice, for he feared nothing except other
people's opinions of him.
It was just his luck that it was the first officers
watch, so he had made a fool of himself in front of
his superior. Not only would he be ridiculed by the
lower births he would be mocked by the officers as
well, he felt his cheeks burn red as he walked towards
the first lieutenant of the renown and made his
"Ah Lieutenant McKay I presume, I hope you didn't have
too much trouble getting here?" said Mr Saxon the
first lieutenant in a nonchalant yet slightly
sarcastic tone. He was tempted to make some witty
rejoinder but reconsidered and answered in the time
old navy way "Aye aye, sir."

Chapter 2
He may have made a fool of himself in front of the
ships company, but he had been spared from total
humiliation as the captain wasn't to come on board
until a couple of days later. By now, two days later
he had got into the swing of his duties and most had
forgotten his momentary lapse of courage. He now new
that the seaman that had called out to him was called
Lake, an appropriate name for a sailor thought McKay
to himself as he stood at his post on the quarterdeck
surveying the activity around him. For today was the
day Captain Scavage came on board and everyone were
busy making preparations for the big event. Mr Saxon
had been particularly busy making sure everything was
to coin a phrase 'ship shape and Bristol fashion' for
the Captain. He was suddenly shaken from his
contemplation by an almighty crash. McKay's attention
was drawn to Midshipman Catt, the youngest officer who
had inadvertently knocked over the several buckets of
water, which the seaman who had been cleaning the deck
had left lying in the way.
McKay walked briskly to where the commotion took
place, but Lieutenant Saxon was already there berating
Mr Catt for being so clumsy and anyone who was in
earshot for leaving objects on the deck where some one
could hurt themselves. "Mr Catt I would ask you to
please look before you go running about the deck," he
then turned to the sailor he cad discovered left the
bucket in the way and said "next time do not leave
your damn bucket in the way for people to trip over
and break their necks or I'll break yours!" As McKay
approached he saw the thunderous look on Saxons face
and regretted his decision to come and investigate, He
opened his mouth to say something constructive when
Saxon jumped in "Mr McKay, I should have guessed
something like this would happen on your watch. GET
HERE!" He bellowed.
"Aye aye, sir!" replied McKay instantly slightly taken
aback by the ferocity and volume of Saxons order. The
fist Lieutenant then stormed of below decks, leaving
him to get everyone back to their tasks. As the
commotion had caused many of the men to stop there
work and watch the furore. "Get back to your work you
lubbers, unless you want the taste of the cat!" he
shouted, then he turned to Catt and said "if I were'
you I'd stay clear of Mr Saxon, at least till he calms
down," Catt turned to him and said "Aye, sir!" then
made his way slowly to his destination making sure he
didn't make the same mistake again. McKay thought to
himself that Saxon had every right to be a bit on edge
with the captain coming and all, his work would be
under scrutiny and his professional career might rest
on it. He walked back to his station it was nearly the
end of his watch. He stood their watching and
listening to the normal sound of a ship in port the
fresh breeze blowing around him, time went with such
speed he hardly felt it go. " Mr McKay why anyone
would think you didn't want your watch to end?" said
Mr Scarlett had come to relive him for it was his
watch next. "Oh I'm sorry I was in a world of my own
then what did you say?" he asked.
"It is of no consequence, it's-" but he cut off his
sentence there was a boat making its way towards the
ship and sitting in the bow was a captain his gold
epaulettes glinting in the sun. The ship was suddenly
in a state of organised chaos everyone was rushing to
their posts and making themselves presentable. He took
up his place dressed in his best uniform. The yards
were exactly squared, the side dressed, ships boys in
white gloves running down the side-ropes, the Bosun's
call poised, winking silver in the sun. Then as the
captain came up the side the Bosun's call set off.
Then when captain Scavage's feet touched the gangway a
loud bellowing order was given and the marines
presented arms and everyone hat came off. The captain
slowly and deliberately walked down the line of
officers being introduced to them. The captain was in
his mid to late thirties he had blonde hair yet a
slight roughness to his appearance and he spoke with a
deep gravely voice. As he came nearer to McKay, all
his muscles tensed it was like he was preparing to
swallow some unpleasant medicine his palms were sweaty
all that ran through his mind was 'what would I say?
What if I say something that offends the captain?'
Then the moment of truth the captain had reached him
there was not turning back.
"And this is?"
"Lieutenant McKay R.N. Sir!"
"Ah yes Mr McKay I met your grandfather once Nice
fellow for an Admiral. - I look forward to serving
with you."
"Aye aye, Sir!" replied McKay as he touch his hat in a
salute, the captain politely returned the complement
and carried on to the next victim, Oh! Sorry, officer.

As the captain went down to his cabin McKay let out a
sigh of relief he realised he had almost been holding
his breath the whole time. Seaman Lake then made some
facetious remark something like "I'm glad that bloody
things over! Now we can get on with some proper work!"
which caused a ripple of laughter amongst the men
around him. McKay suddenly felt exhausted as if he had
run for miles with out stopping, he decided that there
would be no harm in him taking a quick forty winks and
so went below.

Chapter 3
>>>Some Time Later<<<
McKay woke to the sound of someone bellowing at him to
wake up that the all hands had been turned up. But in
his haste to stand up he ended up banging his head on
the ceiling and cried "Ouch! Bloody ceiling!" He
quickly pulled on his jacket straightened his necktie
and placed his hat on his head and rushed up on deck.
When he arrived on deck most of the men were there
already, he hastily took up his position wondering why
they had been called there.
The Captain was standing there with Lieutenant Saxon
by his side, once everyone had been accounted for Mr
Saxon called for silence and it was the captain's turn
to speak.
"I called you all here for a reason. I want every man
aboard to know where he stands with me I will not
And the speech went on an on like that McKay felt like
he had been standing there for days when it eventually
ended. After they were dismissed he went to finish of
his nap but Mr Saxon called him over apparently the
captain wished to speak with him. Instantly he thought
he had done something wrong he racked his brains for
any point during the speech when he could have done
something to offend the captain. As he made his way
towards the captain he looked at Saxon and the
captains face searching for any sign of why he had
been called over.
"Thank you Mr Saxon that will be all," said the
captain then turned to McKay "Mr McKay I would like to
ask you to come for dinner with me tomorrow at but
it's your choice of course?" But his request was as
good as an order so he replied
"Aye, Sir. It would be my pleasure Sir!" the captain
grinned and said "you look as if I had just said that
you were to be the main course at the aforementioned
"Err? Sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to offend you, Sir!"
replied McKay nervously.
"Why how could a grandson of an Admiral offend me?"
the captain let out a chuckle then continued "you are
dismissed Mr McKay"
"Aye, Aye, Sir!" he replied automatically as he
quickly made his way to down to the main deck. His
walk almost breaking into a run.
It was only on reflection later on that day as the
time for dinner came nearer that he realised what
Captain Scavage was really up to. The Captain thought
that if he was kind to him that he would tell his
grandfather and so aid his standing with the
admiralty. 'What a sneaky-'. His train of thought was
interrupted when two bells was called. Time to enter
the lions den he thought to him self melodramatically.

Chapter 4
Before he entered he checked his pocket watch, it was
an engraved gold cased pocket watch his Grandfather
had given it to him on his 16th birthday. And it had
always kept perfect time. He knocked on the door the
captain's voice replied, "Come in" and the sentry let
him through. The cabin wasn't particularly large or
small well decorated so captain Scavage had some
money. As he was invited to sit down everyone went
through all the formalities Mr Saxon, Mr Miller and Mr
Catt were there, Mr Catt was looking particularly ill
at ease with this company. There was a kind of awkward
silence McKay could hear his heart beating and he was
sure it was loud enough for everyone else to hear but
no one else seemed to notice. Captain Scavage decided
to get a conversation going You could see the relief
on everyone faces. "I hope you will enjoy the meal
that I have prepared. I had some fine wine and the
best side of pork money could buy ordered especially.
And my Seward is marvellous he has discovered this new
way of cooking potatoes. Simply marvellous! He cuts
them into strips and then He fries them you know in
some kind of oil or fat or some thing." The captain
then looked round the table hoping that someone would
venture to say something.
McKay felt that it would be worse if they didn't
say something than if someone spoke out of turn so he
plucked up his courage and said "I'm sure, Sir that
anything you choose will taste superbSir!" The signs
of relief on the others faces clearly showed through
now they felt more comfortable in putting in their two
pennies worth.
"Ah, thank you Mr McKay for such a kind comment," said
Captain Scavage then gave the other officers a look
that said 'Go on say something its alright for you to
join in.' Mr Saxon piped up first "where did you find
such an ingenious Steward?" And so the conversation
continued all parties involved trying to keep to the
'safe' subject of food. By the time the meal was
finally brought in McKay's stomach was growling with
hunger. The food smelt heavenly and it tasted even
better, the Potato strips were delicious. The captain
suggested adding some alt or vinegar for taste (an
'order' instantly obeyed) it tasted even nicer. He was
so engrossed in eating he didn't really notice how
everyone was staring at him until he had finished his
plate of food and looked up. Then he realised in his
rush to eat he had been eating in the most
un-gentlemanly manner stuffing in one mouthful after
another; he had all food round his mouth. McKay went
bright red quickly wiped his mouth then proceeded to
apologise profusely about his behaviour. Captain
Scavage interrupted his apologies "don't worry I glad
you enjoyed the meal. I will give your compliments to
the chef," Quickly looked at his watch, nearly five
bells He was meant to be on duty in a couple of
minutes. Everyone else was looking a bit uneasy too;
luckily the Captain was perceptive and dismissed them
promptly. As he walked out of the door on to the deck
he sighed a huge sigh of relief.

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