PTP: The Freak Wave
Lozzie's Story
by Sarah in Australia

The Gig having been successfully evacuated, those ladies who could walk were protectively guided below decks that Retribution's physician might see to any medical concerns where appropriate and the remainder of this band of rescuees might find warmth and sustinance. Slackjawed win disbelief, Sarah took in her surrounds, quite certain in truth their demise was iminent - their current circumstances merely a realistic product of hallucination or coma. Notwithstanding, surely this explination could not account for the lifelike odour of this vessel within...authentic not even coming close. Unwilling to simply be a source of nuicance, she set to work assisting the ship's surgeon and his assistants as best she could with the care of those unfortunate members of her party who had been overcome by the elements; Loz still dangerously chilled and oblivious to her surroundings despite being freed of her saturated clothes, dressed in something far drier and warmer, andbundled up in one of the cots close to the sickbirth stove. Those that could were directed to the officers' mess for some refreshment and warmth themselves - the brandy currently being offered around the group most welcome indeed. Keeping a close vidual by Loz's side, Sarah welcomed the provision of her own cup of hot coffee, sweet and warming with a little something added for good measure. As the cold slowly began retreating from her own body, she, with considerable relief, noted Loz stirring groggily within the multitude of blankets and coverings wrapped snuggly about her. Opening her eyes ever so slightly, they were hastily closed as she moaned in obvious pain. Catching the eye of one of the loblowlies, Retribution's physician shortly made his way to her side, gently guiding her to wakefulness, examining her for any additional injuries and offering words of comfort that all would be well - assuring her everyone from their party was doing excellently. Offering her a steaming brew, Sarah carefully supported her friend as she drank gratefully of its contents, daring not question what it may have been. Soon enough, she proceeded to ask a great many questions, unable to believe what had transpired, where they were and who had rescued them. Indeed, at the sound of one certain lieutenant's voice as he made his way through the sickbirth, seeing to his newly rescued guests, she could not help but smile and blush as before her very eyes, Lt. kenedy came by her side, introducing himself ensuring all was as well as could be expected and gently reassuring both ladies they would be back on land safe and sound in good time.

Fatigued by it all, Loz lay back down, weary from her ordeal, a smile lighting her expression on account of the vision that had graced her with his presence not five minutes earlier.

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