Some Limericks
by Juliet

Warning: Somewhat bad taste, double entendre
and eighth grade bathroom humor. Well, theyre


The Captain

"Men!," said the good Captain Pellew
"After six months at sea I must tell you
Do keep to the lee
If you must approach me,
For tis better to see you than smell you!"


Oh, don't you feel sad for Horatio
They make fun of his name every place he go
"With a name such as mine,
There's but one word to rhyme
And it's(NOT one that any of US would know!)


Archie's Lament

Whilst Hornblower's fortunes have risen
And the good luck all seems to be his'n
I get bonked on the head
And then left for dead
And wind up in some Spanish prison!

Or, Archie's Lament II

I truly do think it the pits
That just because I'm prone to fits
Instead of promotion,
I'm set adrift on the ocean,
And Horatio gets the prize ship!

Or, Archie's Lament III
Captain Sawyer was nuts, no disputin,
And Horatio had the solution
So please tell me why,
Do I get to die,
And Hornblower gets "Retribution"?


The men enjoyed life on the Indy,
Except for the times it got windy,
They knew not to linger,
When Styles said "Pull my finger!"
They'd hasten to leave the vicin-dy!


For Skihee (Re: The Cliff Scene)

Said Horatio, " I've heard the reports,
And I feel I must really retort,
It is not, as they sang,
That I was born to hang,
I just need some well-fitting shorts! "

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