by Maryanne

This poem does have references in the end to The Ghost and Spirit of the Retribution

Life doth go on
Does it not?
Though life's waves bring
What no existence ought
We dance the waves
Sail wild, untamed seas
Together, a life
Our lives, our worlds are these

(Horatio to Archie)
You laugh as light
Glints on locks of gold
You dare the wind
Bright freedoms now no longer untold
You breathe the sea
It's waves captured your eyes
In this, your world
Oh to be blessed to twine it in mine

(Archie to Horatio)
You live a dream
Hidden behind eyes of ebony
Dark but warmly bright
Your heart lives for duty
You defy the unjust
Have lifted my soul past countless demons
While you remain calm, strong
Fears and flaws unknown

Must we part ways
Dear friend?
ëTis a cruel, and unjustly world
May our souls' lights never end
Whether we part, or whether we stay
Together, in trust, we are strong
We will let our lives follow
Destiny's path, may it be long

(Archie to Horatio)
Dearest friend
Can you not see?
This gift of loyalty, brotherly love
This that I give to thee
I will lay down my life
To give this freedom back to you
Do not grieve, we cannot part
In spirit we shall stay true

(Horatio to Archie)
So thus I shall
I accept your gift
I shall treasure you forever
In my heart, you shall eternally live
Life does go on
Though we may wish it'd cease
I shall forever live for you
And treasure your gift to me

I awaken now
Tho' morning's shadows remain unlit
When a soft, sweet salty breeze
Doth brush me in it's light
For a fleeting second I see
Waves of sea-touched blue
And then, in truth I believe
We shall live, together true...

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