Ode To An Hourglass, by Midshipman Henry Wellard
Transcribed by Michele :-)

When life is too much
And I can't look behind
I look at an hourglass
To distract my poor mind.

Into the sands of time
I'll take a peek
To help me forget
I've not sat for a week.

I'll measure them carefully,
One to its kin,
In hopes it will keep me
From some loony bin.

Mr Kennedy tells me
To stay occupied:
It will help me forget
My poor aching backside.

I spend days on the deck
Watching time tick away,
A-wonderin' what is a
Bloody bobstay.

If Sawyer would leave me
Alone for a while
How happy would be
My perm'nent vertical smile. *

And so I salute you,
O hourglass divine:
Till I once more can sit
You'll e'er be on my mind.


* M*A*S*H reference; denotes a particular feature of the derriere. :)

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