PTP: The Freak Wave
Part 5
by Sarah in Australia

The following day, the ill-fated party having quite recovered from their mid-ocean misadventure, several of their number could be found out on deck - ocean and sky a resplendant blue almost too beautiful for words. Quite unable to believe their fortune as to the identity of their rescuers they simply took in all about them; watching in fascination the way in which each man set about the task at hand that Retribution might function as the fine ship she was.Rather than concerning themselves over minor details such as whether or not this whole thing was a dream, the result of coma, whether they were even in some type of AOS fangirl 'afterlife', they (virtually to a woman) made the most of their situation.

After having been fortunate enough to rondevu with a fellow ally vessel (supply ship as it turned out) around mid morning, Retribution got underway once more late in the afternoon. Giving no heed to the fact they were aboard an English craft upon a sea bristling with the enemy at all points, so to speak, the appearance of a far larger and more extensibely armed French ship first on the horizon, quickly bearing down upon them all sent a chill up the spine of even the most brave amongst this group of displaced twenty first century women.

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