PTP: The Freak Wave
Part 2
by HMS Lozzy

Sarah, upon seeing the sail in the distance cried out load, "LOOK A
SHIP WERE SAVED" She jumped up, but then slipped to her knees as she
lost her balance on the moving surface of the liferaft. Resting on
her knees, she raised her arms in the air, waving them and
shouting, "HAY HELP!!!!! HELP!!!! OVER HERE!!! HELP!!!!"

The other ladies who were able to copied her actions, one even took
off her coat, which was bright red, and began waving it about wildly.

"Look!" Kamel shouted, "They have seen us, they're turning towards

Ruth, who had been tending to the unconscious and injured members in
the life raft, told them that help was coming and they would be
alright. Lozzy was barely aware of her words, but sensed that
something was happening. She was suffering from the effects of
hypothermia, she was feeling very cold and very confused.

Gradually the ship moved towards them, rising and falling on the
waves. The ladies watched it coming closer, but sensed something
was different. They knew the ship coming towards them was a two
masted brig, and that she was certainly not using an engine to power
her through the waves. But neither was there visible signs of radio
antennas or radar detection on the ship. But that was not important
now, what matters was getting off the liferaft before they were
overcome by the elements.

The ladies kept waving until a voice from the ship drifted across to
them. "BOAT AHOY!"

"HELP!! PLEASE HELP US!!" The ladies shouted back.

Finally, as a response to their cries, a small gig was lowered from
the brig and was rowed by several burley looking men, towards them.

"Thank God!" Sarah cried, as the others hugged each other.

"Helps on the way ladies, you'll be aright soon" Ruth said to the
injured members of the party.

Lozzy heard her words, but they did not sink in. She looked out to
sea and looked at the ship ahead of them, taking in its detail. The
white sails, the two large masts, the dark hull. A word entered her
cold mind `Retribution?' "But?" she whispered to herself, just as
the gig reach the side of the liferaft.

"Co're look at these lot! " Shouted the large seaman at the front of
the boat, "this bright raft is full of women!"

"Thank goodness you're here," Cried Sarah, relieved they were now
safe. They would be taken aboard the ship, given warm blankets and
food. "Please help us, our yacht sank during a freak storm and we
have been left drifting here. Please, there are thirteen of us and
some of the ladies are badly injured and need medical help."

The seamen looked back at her through a tangle of brown curly
hair, "y'r what sank?"

Sarah was a little confused by the response, "our yacht,"

"Well I don't know what one of them is luv, but you lot need help,
and had best come with us." The seaman climbed out of the gig and
onboard their liferaft and helped the ladies onto the gig. The men
handled them as if they were made out of china, as they moved into
the gig.

Soon, the ladies were all being rowed towards the ship, and their
liferaft was left to float away, empty of its previous cargo. Sarah
watched it go then turned away to look at the ship moving towards
them. There was something strange about it but she could not put
her finger on what it was. Then she suddenly she gasped;~ a man in
a lieutenants uniform stood by what must have been the entry port.
His navy blue jacket, with its brass buttons sent thoughts of
Hornblower rushing threw her mind.

Another of the ladies whispered, "I swear he looks like Mr Bush."

"No, couldn't be" another responsed.

Lozzy lying in the base of the boat watched as the side of the ship
came up beside the gig, bumping along it's side. Then she watched
it fall away as the gig was lifted out of the water. Soon the
ladies were beginning to leave the gig and she tried to raise
herself, but felt back exhausted.

Dazed and confused a mixture of colours past in front of her eyes.
She lost sense of where she was, as she felt a pair of strong arms
taking hold of her and lifting her out of the gig, to who knew
where. She could not really see beyond the drifting colours, but she
could hear voices and one sounded very familiar, `Why?'

"Careful man, gently, gently."

"Aye Mr Kennedy Sir,"

`Retribution? Kennedy? What was going on?' But the colours in her
vision increased into darkness and she knew no more.

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