by Laura V.

I said, is that your blood?

God, it was,
and it seeped into your clothing
just like the fear infiltrating my heart.

Your eyes were pained and pleading
asking me to help you in someway.
Never before have I felt more helpless
than I did in that instant.

So I hugged you. My dear friend,
I embraced you, for what else could I do?
Your blood swam before my eyes and the look on you face
seared into every fiber of my being.

And with you enfolded in my arms?
I'm glad you couldn't see my face,
for you would have detected the unbearable
amount of fear in my eyes.

Battles may arise and ships may be plundered.
But never again shall I know a fear such as when
I held my dying beloved friend in my arms.

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