by CMarcelo

A/N: This was originally written for the hh100 community on livejournal. I endeavored to make it 100 words exactly, but since I'm not that great at writing concisely, it ended up going over the limit. Oh well. Spoilers for a very important event in Lord Hornblower. Don't say you weren't warned.
He had said good-bye to Bush, and now he stood on the quay watching Bush's boat head out into the river. The winter evening was bitingly cold, and Hornblower could feel it permeating to his limbs as he stood alone. He could see Bush huddled in the boat, shielding his burly body from the cold. He smiled; Bush was a solid fellow, and Hornblower had complete faith in him. Certainly only a great catastrophe could ever cut Bush down.

Suddenly, a strange sensation exploded in the pit of his stomach, spreading uncomfortable warmth into his body. Hornblower's smile faded, and when he looked up, Bush's boat had been swallowed up by darkness.
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