The Duel
by Pak-yan Liang

only by the silly me!

TITLE: I don't know. Call it "THE DUEL" for now
DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of these characters in any way, though they do own

The storm is beginning to thicken,
And Horatio's beginning to sicken,
While Simpson is giving a lickin'
And Styles is grabbing his chicken

The waves grow higher and higher
While Pellew whom we so admire
Walks onto the deck to enquire
If his dear ship's need is dire.

"I beg your pardon, dear sire.
Our ship is bogged down in the mire.
But Simpson is calling us liars;
Sir, may I please open fire?

He has insulted me badly
(Just how I'm not sure exactly)
But he has been doing it gladly;
What's why I'm reporting so sadly.

Archie, my good friend and buddy
(The lad with the countenanec ruddy)
Says Simpson has always been nutty,
And - oh sir, you're getting quite muddy!

I'm sorry we stand in this weather
With nary a boat cloak of leather.
I know you've reached ends of your tether,
But we'll brave this storm through together.

But as I was saying, my land!
That Simpson, you must understand,
Is getting quite out of hand
So say they, my small faithful band.

Now I have been long believin'
That my chances at duels have been even
Now please sir, don't start on your seethin'
What! Don't tell me sir that you're grievin'!

I can kill him sir, certain and surely,
Although he looks at me surly.
And though I am not big and burly,
I'll shoot him, my hair flying and curly.

I know a bad day sir, you really have had.
But now please don't worry; dear sir, be quite glad.
I'll kill him who's making both you and me mad,
And Archie, please smile, I'll live through, dear lad.

What has happened to those two I must now relate,
That Simpson whom Horatio did so loathe and hate
(Who'd tortured them madly so badly of late)
Has now met an unmourned and unlucky fate.

See, Horatio had challenged him: dueling for two.
They left on a day that soon Simpson would rue.
Only Horatio returned, to the joy of the crew,
And all the lads gladly began life anew.


M'man Natalie

"There is only one way in which satisfaction can be given."

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