Title: Constitution's Kedge Chase
Author: Skihee :)

"Of all the times for the wind to die," muttered Hornblower.

"Waste of shot at this distance, certain sure," advised Kennedy.

"If we haven't any wind, neither has he," Hornblower observed.

"What the devil is he doing?" asked Pellew of no one in particular.

"There appears to be a kedge anchor aboard Constitution's launch, sir,"
reported Hornblower looking through the glass.

"Good God! I wondered how they thought to tow at a half mile distant!"
exclaimed Kennedy.

"They've dropped anchor, sir! They're walking her home!"

"Damn Yankees!" grit Pellew. "Mr. Bracegirdle! Call away a boat! I'll
enter this kedge chase!"

Title: Dark Deliveries
Author: Skihee :)

The tunnel was dark, damp, and dank. Hornblower pulled the elfin sword from
its scabbard. No Frogs. The magic weapon glowed when enemy were near. He
sat next to the inky pool and stirred the waters absently.

Two small green lights hovered in the darkness. Water lapped. They drew
nearer and he realized they were the eyes of some deep cave creature. With a
nervous swallow, he extracted his weapon.

With a blink, the green-eyed toady spoke. "No hurt I," it said raspily.
"What has it got in its pocketses?"

Hornblower knew this was no Frog and answered plainly, "Dispatches."

Title: Horatio!
Author: Skihee :)

"Horatio." Pause. "Horatio!" Another pause. "Horatio?"

"A bit too soft perhaps, Archie."

"HORATIO!" Archie looked at Hornblower and queried, "Better?"

"Besides having God on our side, they say variety is the spice of life," said
Hornblower cheerfully.

"How about this then? HoOR-RAtio! Or, HOR-AAAAA-SHE---OOOOO!"

"Is that one for cliff tops?"

"I might do it there. What do you think?"

"Well, either you are on a hill, or you are some kind of yodeler, I think."

"What in heavens name is going on in here?" inquired Bush.

"Not much," informed Kennedy. "I am just practicing my lines for Mutiny and

Title: MY LORD Edrington
Author: Skihee :)

"Get off my foot."

He shook his head no.

"Get off my foot!"

He turned his head away and ignored him.

"I am Major MY LORD Edrington. I order you to GET OFF MY FOOT!"

With a snort, he stepped away. *Typical. Always pulling rank!*

Edrington brushed off his boot and smoothed the leather. "Damn. You have
permanently impressed a shoe print on my finest Hessians. I should put you
on bread and water for thirty days."

With a chortling whicker, he pushed Edrington into the dust. *Make it oats
and water with a filly in the next stall, please.*

Title:   Pellew Nonsense
Author:  Skihee :)


"That must be Pellew speaking," said a disembodied voice.

"Yes, it is damn well me speaking!  Who are you? I cannot see you."

"I am the listener."

"The listener?"


"I see."

"Oh.  You must be the watcher, then."

"No.  I am Captain Sir Edward Pellew of His Majesty's Frigate Indefatigable."

"Oh.  I knew that."

"What the devil are you doing here?"

"Well, I have already told you."

"So you did.  What was it again?"

"I am the listener."

"Well, that's no good!  I judge a man by what I see him do."

"Ah ha!  You are the watcher!"

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