The Distances We Travel
by Maryanne Michelle

Have you ever once thought
Of fair distances we travel?
Leagues of crystalline crests of blue
That dive and fall, crash and toil
The everlasting, ageless truth
That sweeps in beneath the salty seas
That forever span and stretch to the horizon

Once have you ever thought
Of the stars o'er above us
Glimmering sparkles in the endless nights
Of the midnight see, they guide us
Through swells and storm, through moon and dark
They light the sky and set the path
For the tireless wonderers, we

Oh, but have you ever dreamed
Of the endless destination?
A world of truth, under a spanning sky
As be follow our wind, the danger nigh!
Our hearts beat strong, the salty spray
Nourishes us, sends my heart
Beyond the sea, across the world

To a vast, golden horizon
It expands and calls the explorer in me
To yearn to go, to long to see
What wonders lay beyond this, our waters
As we follow the running sea
Through miles of deep blue-green
Following our destiny, like a fortune's fool

We seek the unknown
We fight for our freedom
We climb to the highest point
And never once look back
Our swords drawn, our cannons blazing
The wind she thrusts our sails wailing!
We leap to the challenge, to seek in our sailing

Who can tell the distances we travel?
There's a world anew before us here
We have only to reach out, to grasp our fate
And let the wonder take us away
Across thousands of miles, through hundreds of days
We will never stop and never fail
For we have a whole new world here yet to explore!

"....Just thinking of the great distances we travel... and how much we
still have yet to see..." *paraphrased, Horatio Hornblower, The Fire

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