David's Star II: Journey's End - Prologue
by Cassi


For the record, if you've not read the original "David's Star" story, this will be confusing, so in my recommendation, you may want to read the first one before you read this one. You'll find it in the hhfic Archive (in the section specified for stories on the first set of movies)

With that said...

First of all, I'd like to thank all the reviewers and others who have emailed me to tell me what the original story meant to them. I was told before I posted it, by a dear friend from church; that if the story touched or helped even one person, then it will have served its purpose. Let's just say that the story has gone far beyond what I had originally planned or imagined.

As it was my own story, I can't tell you what you all have meant to me. Thank you to all who read this and enjoyed it. This new story is dedicated to all of you who have loved the first one. Your encouragement and motivation was deeply needed and appreciated.

As for this new story, well, the time has come to finish what I started in the first story. The characters you've come to know will be returning, with a couple new faces to make up for the loss of a few of the crew. There have been good times and there have been bad times. Some of the crew-members have died in the journey, and new people have been added. There have been injuries and lives have been changed.

But even the greatest of journeys must come to an end. This story is the "Journey's End."

Thank you all again. --Ingrid "Cassi" Vance (Evilspoofauthor2)

Disclaimer: The Hornblower Characters are not mine, everything else is. (With the exception of Dr. Sebastian who belongs to Sarah B.) Thank you for allowing me to borrow him.

Disclaimer: Music and Lyrics: As with the last story, this story contains many songs and their lyrics. I do not own the lyrics or the songs, (except on my iPod), and I am not making money off of printing them here. Mainly they just go with the flow of the story.

Other Notes: For the record, I have done extensive research on medical terms and procedures, and basically looked up anything and everything I could find on gunshot wounds (GSW) particularly to the chest, trauma to the lungs, IV medications, and procedures that would have to be performed in the event of complications. In my research, I've come to the conclusion that it is medically impossible for Archie to have survived the trip to Kingston without proper treatment. To compensate for this medical fact, David's Star had to intercept the Renown within 24 hours after Archie was shot. (I have made it my goal to make the medical facts look more realistic and accurate this time. -as there were some medical errors made in the first story)

Warning: This story does contain Christian/Pentecostal/Messianic Jewish overtones that may offend some people. (Not as much of it as the first one did, but it's there) If this kind of Religious theme offends you, I'll pray for you.

Warning 2: Trigger warning. This story includes one scene in Chapter Five that turns almost violent and involves attempted assault with intended rape. No it does not happen, but it may trigger memories for anyone who has ever been in that position. (rest assured though, said attacker got more than he was bargaining for)

Warning 3: The story also includes discussions and/or descriptions regarding physical abuse, rape, self injuring, drug abuse, severe depression and suicide.

Author's Note: In this country, it's a known fact that at least one out of every three people was at one point; or is a victim of physical abuse or sexual molestation. And out of these, many do not ever recover from the effects and as a result, either suffer from Self Abuse, drug addiction, and attempt or die by suicide. (or will die as a result of abuse suffered) I wanted this song here because it seems to fit with what I'm saying. We cannot afford to stay and suffer in silence any longer.



"For Annie" (By Petra)
"No one ever noticed Annie weeping.
People all around; but she was all alone.
Mama's got her meetings. Daddy's got his job.
No one's got the time so Annie's on her own.
No one ever knew her desperation.
People couldn't hear her cry out silently.
Locked inside the bathroom, she grabs a jar of pills.
The medicine that cures becomes the poison that kills.
And it's too late for Annie; she's gone away for good.
There's so much we could tell her; and now we wish we could.
But it's too late . . . it's too late . . . For Annie.
"Sadness fills the hearts of Annie's family.
Daddy tries to comfort Mama, uselessly.
They hope she knew they loved her, but they really didn't know.
They just want to know; why did their baby go?
And it's too late for Annie; she's gone away for good.
So much we could tell her, and now we wish we could.
We could tell her Jesus loves her. Tell her Jesus cares.
We'd tell her he could free her, and her burdens, bare.
But it's too late . . . It's too late . . . for Annie.
"If only we had known her situation;
we'd have tried to stop this useless tragedy.
Annie's lost forever; never to be found.
But there are lots of others like her all around,
And it's not too late for Annie. She could be next to you.
Don't miss the chance to tell her, before her life is through.
We've got to tell her Jesus loves her. Tell her Jesus cares.
Tell her He can free her and her burdens, bare.
It's not . . . too late."

PROLOGUE: Portsmouth, England; July, 1800

Lt. Archie Kennedy sighed as he walked toward the docks. When he and Horatio had originally been posted on board the Renown, they had been so proud, and had celebrated their promotions.

What a disappointment. So far, the entire posting was nothing short of complete misery. The Officers were ready to mutiny, and the crew was hostile with each other. Tempers were short and the men spent more time drunk then they did sober.

Archie stepped back avoiding a splash of mud from the wheels of a carriage as it sped by. Looking both ways, he stepped out to cross the muddy road again. Upon reaching the other side, something caught his eye. In the mud, formed by various wagon and carriage tracks was the Star of David. He stopped short a moment, staring at it. The memories that one symbol brought to his mind surfaced and he closed his eyes.

When his eyes opened, another carriage had sped by, obscuring the star, and nearly plastering his new uniform with mud. Archie stepped back, examining his clothes. It would not do for the new Second Lieutenant Bush to see him with mud on his breeches. Relieved, he found no mud spatters.

He continued on his trek toward the docks. As he neared, he could see Captain Sawyer waiting for the boat that would take them back to the ship. Fighting back his dismay, Archie forced himself to approach the Captain. It would do him no good to be wishing for what may never happen.

As the shore-boat drew nearer to the Renown, Archie remained silent. As he was seated in the bow of the small boat, with the Captain behind him, it was not hard to ignore him. When the boat reached the ship, and the Captain climbed aboard, Archie again fought back the dismal Spirits that tormented him.

Desperately, he longed to see them again. Ironic, some of his happiest memories would be of a broken leg. As he sat, absently rubbing his left knee, waiting for his turn to climb aboard, a new feeling arose. Somehow, Archie knew it. He would see them again . . . very soon. He didn't know how. He didn't know when. All he knew was that they were somehow coming back into his life.
That one feeling ignited into a strong flame and for one moment, a smile crept onto his face. Something big was coming. He could feel it with every fiber of his being.

Meanwhile, several months later, in the Caribbean Sea. . .

Captain's Log: Russell O'Brien Richards of the Vessel, David's Star.
Date: October 15, 1800 in the Caribbean Sea

Aboard my ship, David's Star, there was a massive double explosion. It occurred when one of the doctored cannonballs was accidentally set off in the Quarters of the Explosives Experts. It took the life of Petur Jakov, critically injured Navy SEAL George Johnson and seriously burned Marine, Jose Chavez. As medical personnel were seeing to the injured Navy SEAL, a second cannon shot blew, triggered by the first. RN Jesus Martinez and Lt. George Johnson were killed in the second blast. Although Lt. David Conrad shielded Dr. Jesse Davidson from the blast that killed Jesus and George, both were badly burned, Conrad the more severe. Explosives Tech, Kim Lee, was not in the room at the time, having been summoned to my Quarters, by me only moments before. This saved his life.

Captain's Log: Russel O'Brien Richards of the vessel, David's Star:
Date: October 16, 1800 in the Caribbean Sea

Today, we buried at sea, three good men. Jesus Martinez (USA age 27), Lt. George Johnson (USA age 41), and Petur Jakov (Israel age 32). Dr. Davidson, Lt. Conrad, and Marine Chavez were unable to attend the service.

Captain's Log: Russel O'Brien Richards of the vessel, David's Star:
Date: October 20, 1800 in the Caribbean Sea

Kim's 19 year old younger brother, Chang, was sent in as a replacement for the deceased Petur Jakov. Amongst the other new members to the crew are RN Hannah White Eagle (AZ, USA), 4th yr. Medical Student, Allyssa Marsden (SD, USA), Navy SEAL Lt. Steven Curtis (IL, USA), US Marine, Rick Kensington (CO, USA), and additions to the Sailing Crew, Bjorn Westersen (Norway) and Wilson Karens (Queensland, Australia).



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