Contrived Escape (Dr. Who/Hornblower crossover)
by Sarah


Author's Note: This is a kind teaser of the piece of fan fic I'm
writing, this piece was written in an hour. *Warning *
spoiler alert* if you haven't red "flying colours" or
you don't want to know what happens after the story
'ship of the line then don't read it. I don't think it
gives away too much but... that's up to you to decide.
An if anyone can help with improving the French I used
I got a 'B' in GCSE French 'higher tier'. Any comments
about this piece positive or negative would be
welcome. Thanks the person who suggested that the Dr
should be a descendant of bush and that he should have
to save him.


The Dr knew what he must do; he must in sure that
lieutenant William Bush was kept alive. If the
lieutenant were to be executed then he 'Dr Who' would
never exist, a tragedy that would send ripples of
chaos through time space and alternate dimensions.
The stark resemblance he bore to his ancestor was not
uncommon among his people although, Bush was an
ancestor on his human mothers side.

The plan was perfectly simple, outlandish, but simple.
At the next stop the coach carrying Bush, his captain
and his 'servant' stopped he would carry out his plan..
It was just turning light but still dark enough for
him to be discussed, he made his move. He walked up to
where the coachman stood by the stable door. He turned
and asked the coachman, "pardon Monsieur, pour une
moment s'il vous plait?"
"Er? C'est tu voudrais monsieur?," replied the
coachman startled by the appearance of the stranger,
who, if his memory served him correctly bore a uncanny
resemblance to one of the prisoners. But it could not
be the same person the prisoner was a cripple.
"Ou est le centré ville s'il vous plait?" enquired the
The coachman then turned his back to the Dr and
pointed in the general direction, "tu continuez a
dro-," his sentence cut short as he fell to the ground
unconscious. The Dr quickly dragged the coachman into
the stable and put on the large cloak and hat the
coachman had been wearing making sure that he covered
as much of his face an hair so no one would recognise
him. He hurried to the coach just in time to see the
prisoners being loaded into the coach..

Later on the road he had deliberately led the
entourage to he came down the road by the river, 'Hé,
Hé, Hé!' he reigned the horses in just in time. The
gentleman in charge Cailliard turned to him and
shouted angrily 'a fine coachman you are, god knows.
Why didn't you drive straight into the river and save
me the trouble of reporting you to the sous-chef
administration?' he then turned to the gendarmes and
yelled, 'come along you men, do you want to stay here
all night? Get that coach back on the road you fools!'
The Dr kept silent so as not to draw attention to
himself, although inside he smiled smugly at the
thought of Calliard's face when he realised the
prisoners had escaped. His timing had been correct the
coach had gone off the road at the exact place he had
left the boat and it was dark enough so that the
prisoners could slip away. He hoped that they would
take Bush though he was injured with them. Or he may
be forced to interfere more directly. The fool
Calliard was now trying to get everyone to heave the
coach back onto the road, to keep up appearances he
tried to look as if he was pulling his weight. One of
the gendarmes suggested that the prisoners help, two
of them stepped down to help if he remembered rightly
one was a captain by the name of Hornblower the other
a coxswain called brown. But it was no use the coach
wouldn't budge. Calliard turned to him and bellowed
'coachman how far is it to Nevers?' he replied 'six
kilometres sir.' The commander then berated him for
his 'faulty navigation' and lack of direction, and set
him to work helping dig into the snow for shelter. The
Dr was able to slip away and watch as 'the prisoners'
tied up the arrogant Calliard and bundled him into the
coach, he chuckled to himself at that amusing sight.
Fortunately they had decided to take Bush with them,
his job here for now was done until he was needed
again he hoped that they would be all right.

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