Come Dance on the Wind!
by Skihee

It was a tight fit, but we made it. Mr. Hornblower was pacing the entire
way. His steps clicked upon the decking, except when he stopped, watched,
pondered, our escape. Only I understood the rapid movement of each pace, the
anxious hesitation before his next footfall. I never felt safer than with
him as Captain.... except with Pellew, of course.

It was a rare thing, but even though he might not bear the title
officially, it was near the same. He was the one that gave the orders,
whether to Bowles or the midshipmen or the ratings. Obedience was expected,
and he got it. A sure sign the man is meant for greatness. He is great, as
far as I am concerned. Yes, I can sigh a sigh of relief with him in command.
No worries. Not with our Mr. Hornblower.

The sea has gone off calm in here and I see his eyes are alert. We
aren't home yet. A bit more and we will be. Then peace, though the men will
hi-ho, dance a jig, and jab a joke. Happy times. Good times. Home from the
sea. A time of refreshing for some, family reunions, solid ground. I wonder
what that feels like, though the thought is too scary for me! No land lubber
I! Most definitely not!!! Give me a wave and a roll, a light breeze or a
moderate one! Clipping over the waves for me! Aye! Aye!

Yes, happy them, and happy me. I will wait for them. It isn't over yet.
I know that. The cannon are bright as black can be bright. The decks are
swashed and the railing gleams with fresh paint. Oh, she are a sight to
behold! one of the men said. It makes me smile to think it. A compliment is
always welcome.

Well, here we are.... mooring up at dock. Unusual, but not unheard of.
Easy for the men to go ashore. I'm not paid off, am I, Horatio? Yes, there
you are. Your eyes are lingering over my lines. A look from you brings a
smile to my lips. I know you love me. Love me, you do. Come back soon.
I'll be waiting. You too, my Captain Pellew. I'll be all right with a bit
of wood and tar, a new sail, a new spar. Yes, my captains, come back to me!
And hie away, hie away, hie away we! To the sea! To the sea! Where all
good ships sail free! Come dance on the wind! Come run around free! Hie
away! Hie away! On the good ship, Indy!

I'll be right here, good sirs. Waiting.

HMS Indefatigable

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