Hornblower is the Bomb! A Hornblower Convention Poem
by Skihee

H ornblower and friends rule the waves and the hearts of many a maid.
O ur con captains plan and work and slave, and no, they never get paid.
R eading and writing and watching our boys, a pastime that never grows old.
N ever were there more truer fans, more steadfast, more focused, more bold.
B ush, Pellew, Kennedy, Matthews, Styles, and our Hornblower
L ove them we do, and Edrington, too, our favorite interloper.
O ut in the world, we travel to meet and share our mutual glee.
W hether we stay near our home or choose to roam far over the sea.
E ngland, Balty, Chicago, Tampa, Tempe and now Norfolk, too.
R emember this fall, answer the call, Toronto's our next rendezvous.

by Skihee :)

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