Archie's Journal - New Year's Day
by Michele

Another week has passed since last I formed some coherent thoughts into
a rare moment of optimism. I must admit that even in these
circumstances, I felt for a while some measure of peace. I still hold
to a trace of that feeling, although I can feel myself slipping
downward once more...

It helps a little to know that three of the four weeks of my punishment
are now past. But at the same time, these three dreadful weeks have
been so horribly uncomfortable -- my ankle is now rubbed raw by the
iron band around it, and my muscles are weary from trying to work
around the heavy chain that holds me all too close to the wall.

One more week of this purgatory...

And suddenly Iíve realised it is the first day of the new year....

For how long have I been here? A year and a half? Longer? I am not even

And how many more milestones will pass whilst I am here? Another
winter, another spring... Another Christmas? Another year gone?

Will I still be here one year from today...?

The thought of another year alone here is more than I can bear...

How I wish they would come and take this cursed thing off of me....

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