All about Lieutenant Archie
By Marie and Dagmar

Name: Leftenant Archie Kennedy

Living arrangement: The sickbay (as usual...)

Favorite pastime: Flashing my big smile and looking at spanish officers throug a spyglass.

Favorite book: "How to stop getting sick all the time" by Horatio Hornblower

The best feeling in the world: kowing how well I look in my new u-neee-form.

The worst feeling in the world: Getting shot by an ugly spanish cournal.

Favorite smells: definately not my own blood.

First thing you think, when you wake up in the morning: I'm alive... But for how long?

Battle: Scary or exiting: Exiting untill the point where I get shot.

Favorite foods: Anything that Horatio doesn't feed me.

Chocolate or vanilla: Vanilla, it's nearly the colour of my frilly shirt.

Storms: cool or scary: Cool, untill we scraped that poor young seamann of Horatio's off the deck

Favorite drink: Anything that can keep my mind of the pain.

If you could change anything about the world, what would it be: Cute blond people should live longer.

If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be: Nothing, I'm the new and improved Archie.

Have you ever been in love: Yes. I do have a mirror.

Is the glass halffull or halfempty: Neither, it's completely empty after I've been there.

What's in your anxiety closet: Where do I start. Simpson, Sawyer...

What's your loftiest dream: Live long enough to become a captain.

What's your worst nightmare: To die before I save Horatio.

What do you wish people know about you, that you feel they don't: I can take care of myself.

What other HH character would you like to see answer this questionaire: Buckland, I would like to see why he dislikes us so much.

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