Here's something for those of you reading Going Home

by Tracy Prebish

NAME: Dalen Sean Leahy

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: Possibly aboard Indefatigable, if the captain arranges it

FAVORITE PASTIME: Being silly. It annoys Angus. (Laughs)

FAVORITE BOOK: The lives of the saints

THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD IS: Knowing I have helped someone

THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD IS: Oh, I hate this question! Do I *have* to answer it?

All right. I suppose I could say feeling helpless.

Yes. That says enough without saying too much.

FAVORITE SMELLS: Bacon cooking, sausage cooking.....oh, I just love the smell of food.


BATTLE: SCARY OR EXCITING: Scary. I'll admit it, I'm basically a coward. (Grins mischievously)

FAVORITE FOODS: Roast! A nice, juicy roast. With fresh vegtables! Bacon, sausage, sweet foods. Can you tell I love to eat?

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: Both, but I like chocolate the most

STORMS, COOL OR SCARY: On a ship; Scary. In a home, comforting

FAVORITE DRINK: Tea, cider, coffee, and beer

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT THE WORLD, WHAT WOULD IT BE: I would have all evil people in the world put on an island together and left there where they cannot hurt anyone else.

Maybe they could torture each other. At least, *they* deserve it.

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF, WHAT WOULD IT BE: I would love it if I were a lot less fearful

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE: No. I do not trust others, and after....

Well, let's just leave it at that

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OR HALF FULL: I used to see it as completely empty. I never dreamed I would see a day when I could actually see something in it

WHAT'S IN YOUR ANXIETY CLOSET: I really don't want to answer this

Ummm.....Attracting the wrong people.

WHAT'S YOUR LOFTIEST DREAM: You know, I've never had one. The only dream I had when I was young, was to get away from the pain my brother inflicted on me

WHAT'S YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE: I really don't want to answer this one either, but.....

One horrible night in Gibraltar

WHAT DO YOU WISH PEOPLE KNEW ABOUT YOU THAT YOU FEEL THEY DON'T: That I really love people, even though I don't trust them

WHAT OTHER HH CHARACTER WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THIS QUESTIONNAIRE: Ooh! The captain. That would be great! Can you arrange it?

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