All About Doughty
by Lady Barbara

NAME: James Doughty, Admiral's Steward. Until now, that is.

LIVING ARRANGEMENT: A hammock in the sloop of war, Hotspur

FAVORITE PASTIME: Cooking for Captain Hornblower, mending for Captain Hornblower, feeding depressed captains noxious pink potions, doing my duty, putting down people who can't cook as well as I can.

FAVORITE BOOK: Joy of Cooking

THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD IS: Being set free by Captain Hornblower

THE BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD IS: Having Captain Hornblower mad at me

FAVORITE SMELLS: My own cooking, fresh sea air

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK WHEN YOU WAKE IN THE MORNING: What should I make Captain Hornblower for breakfast this morning? For lunch? For dinner?

BATTLE; SCARY OR EXCITING: Exciting! I'm no coward like that fool of a steward Grimes!

FAVORITE FOODS: Anything but Styles' cooking; preferably mine.

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA: Both, in a nice fondue with grapes and strawberries. Mmm, my specialty!

STORMS; COOL OR SCARY: It depends on the kind of storm. Cool if we're ready for it and have a coolheaded captain (like Captain Hornblower) but scary if it looks like we're about to capsize.

FAVORITE DRINK: Tea with cinnamon sticks in it! YUMMMM!

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT THE WORLD WHAT WOULD IT BE: That everyone would just do their bloody duty and mind their own bloody business! It wasn't my bloody fault Captain Hornblower told me to feed our guests stew!

IF YOU COULD CHANGE ANYTHING ABOUT YOURSELF WHAT WOULD IT BE: My nose, it's too beaked and hooked looking

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN LOVE: Not really, but I am finding myself somewhat attracted to that American girl Captain Hornblower gave me too. We could make beautiful babies

IS THE GLASS HALF EMPTY OF HALF FULL: Hopefully neither. Because I'm always right there to fill it back up again!

WHAT'S IN YOUR ANXIETY CLOSET: did I really put too much pepper in Captain Hornblower's dinner?

WHAT'S YOUR LOFTIEST DREAM: Nothing, I've already been an Admiral's steward, what more is there?

WHO ELSE WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ANSWER THIS QUESTIONNAIRE: Styles. I'd like to know just how much pepper he thinks the captain likes in his dinner!

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