Two Drabbles
by Ashley

Two drabbles written for HH100 at

1. "A Mystery"
set during "Loyalty/Duty" time period.

2. "Acceptable"
set during "Duty"




"What in what is this, Styles?

"Flapjacks, Cap,n. I thought to add the egg in the center meself. Looks
mighty tasty! May have to have some later.

Hornblower,s eyebrows rose to heights previously unreached.

"Indeed. Well then, carry on, " he said, and Styles grinned, knuckling his
forehead, then retreated to the galley.

Hornblower turned a narrowed expression to William Bush, who had his hand
guiltily over his smiling mouth.

"Don't bother, William. Your eyes betray you, the captain said, and Bush
cleared his throat.

"Senior officers first, sir," Bush said, and Hornblower sighed.

"It's a sacrifice, William."

"Aye aye, Captain."



The gloves lay on the table, staring at him accusingly. The hole burned in
the one he had used to mash out the wick on the round went all the way
through the rough wool.

Hornblower looked at his hand, the heat from the burn on his skin a weird
contrast to the ice he felt in his heart.

He had had no thought but to spare his ship, and his men. Had he been blown
to pieces that would have been acceptable.

That should scare him. But it didn't.

With some difficulty, he shuttered his mind, and finished his report.




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